Thursday, August 1, 2013

What if ... What if We Were Real ?

I  w a n t  y o u  b a c k  L O R D.
I  n e e d  y o u r  g r a c e.
I  n e e d  y o u r  g r a c e.

It’s the calling of the tide – ripping up against the shore line and carrying it all back out again...back and forth, back and forth, like a seesaw.  It whips here and there and swallows everything under.  There is no chance to survive, slight opportunity to stay afloat, and every opportunity to sink ... that is, when you go at it alone.

--And think of it this way : sometimes, people write the things they can’t say--

It’s all just a dream, you say.  It’s all in your head, you say.  Well, what if we were real?  What if.

And even if it will end up breaking your heart, be real because the Lord says to open up your soul – meaning to fully live by grace.  And it’s in the moment of fear when we admit to knowing a savior, but life means more than that.  We owe Him more than that, yet he charges us nothing.  Even more than this, he gives us everything.  He puts a delicacy of magic inside of us that we come to embrace.  He gives everyone this magic within them, but only few know how to discover it.  And how would that be done, you wonder?
[ yes, only through Christ ]

It is not long into our lives that we learn how really broken we actually are, yet for some of us, it is the day before we fall that we know how to start living; for within the wonder of living comes a truth --- to be human is to be beautifully flawed, and while it’s custom to hate the sin, we shall not hate the sinner…because in this life, we've all been on the sinner’s side.  We've all tried to convince others that we've made the right decision, but we are merely attempting to convince ourselves.

And then again, what if we were real?

If we were real; we wouldn't give it all away, we wouldn't run away with someone’s heart, we wouldn't complain about all of these graces –

- that the choices we make and the chances we take determine our destiny -
- that being loved by God gives us the security to risk loving, too, even loving ourselves -
- that forgiving the person you were is accepting the person you are and believing in the person you can become -
- that as weak people, we wouldn't change this world if not resting in the hands of a great God -

See, it is not we who should learn to trust others but we who should learn to trust God.


  1. Oh, so true. I feel like it is an everyday learning journey for me!

    1. It certainly is - for all of us, in fact! Maybe that's what makes life so worthwhile - getting to experience the journey (: Thanks for stopping by!