Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Retrieve the Dream

Trembling fingers graze the lock to your hiding place; dare you ask for the key.
  Once upon a time, it was yours alone to curl up in and ponder.
Now, it's been taken from you, and it has been confirmed that you will never get it back.

Along with its hidden seclusion, your comfort was taken, too;
the comfort to bask in who you wanted to be without the world refusing your greatness.
You used to keep it right there inside you...hidden yet so alive - the greatness of your heart that whispered unspoken melodies to you while you were dreaming.

Your hiding spot was your dream coming to life.
You kept stories there that no one will ever be able to unlock, decode, or understand.
The stories were yours, and they still are; however, they have been taken.
How can something that's been taken still be yours?

The answer is simple.
Tangible is easy.  Imaginative is hard.
It is assured that you have grown with spirit, mentality, and heart once you discover that the tangibility of your dreams must carry on through imagination.
Someday, it could be taken, and soon you'll be remembering the time when it was all right in your lap.
Today is someday, and you are replaying the vision over and over - your dreams have transcended into the wind, and you are powerless to retrieve them.

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