Sunday, February 24, 2013


"It's okay to be fearful.  Some of God's strongest warriors were frightened.  The difference between a believer and the rest of the world is that we press on.  We can be shaking in our boots, but we don't turn back.  The hopeless-that's what they do.  They give up on their mortgage.  They give up on the unemployment line.  But I can sit here and know that my God saves.  And no matter what I go through, if I keep pushing through, he's there in the end.  So, honey, having fear doesn't mean you're on the wrong path.  It just means you put on your helmet and your jersey and you plow right on through."
-Jenny B. Jones, Just Between You and Me

Just one question today... 
  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?


  1. Hi Allie, I found here by your photo-blog! Your post is so relevant - there's many things to be fearful of today, but knowing God let's His peace rule in our hearts, when we focus on Him, not our circumtances.