Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Concert Moments

Never forget to remind yourself of the real reason you pursue your passion.  Oftentimes, I have to ask myself if I’m doing what I love to please God or to please others.  If my motivation for anything in life comes down to being better at something than someone else, then I’m doing it for all the wrong reasons.  I have to stay true to myself while I grow into the person God created me to be with all my hobbies, talents, and faults.  Never sacrifice the opportunities to serve Christ with your passion for a chance at being better than someone else.  The most important truth I remind myself is to stay true to me when doing what I love. 

When you pray and read scriptures, are you really trying to make it a part of your life, or are you just going through the motions?  Sometimes, we make ourselves try too hard to pray or read the bible that we forget we have fallen in love with our savior.  We cannot fall into this lonely pit of being just a good bible study girl.  We have to go beyond religion and truly desire a relationship with Christ. 

Most people know that I love to write.  Ever since I discovered my joy for writing, I have expected this grand piece of excellence to rise from my heart and perfectly explain my relationship with Christ, the top subject I love to write about.  I keep imagining that it will be an inspiring work of art:  a make-people-cry, make-people-want-to-change, and inspire-people kind of writing.  I’m so focused on studying and engraving my Christianity into my writing that there is no passion connecting it all together.  It has turned into a chore.  I’m waiting and waiting to escape this pit-stop on my journey as an author, but it feels as though I won’t ever see the ending.  Every time I sit down to write about absolutely anything, I fall in love with writing all over again and am reminded why God has given me the gift of words.  Even though I have not created this magical piece of writing does not mean I never will.  I have faith.  I can pray all I want to and read all the scriptures I want, but if I don’t have hope and faith, then I won’t ever learn to be at ease with hiking my mountains. 

I need to stop trying so hard to make everything perfect so that I can let my feelings be real.  As soon as I come to face my problems and accept them as a part of me, failures and success in all, then my relationship with Christ will become even more real to me than my depth of thinking.  It’s like a concert moment:  when you are standing in a sea full of people, but the only one who you see is God, as he’s reaching out to you and your hands are straight up high reaching for him.  It’s the moment when you can see what things in your life really matter – a moment that couldn’t be worth any words.  A concert moment is not only a moment, but it becomes a piece of my heart.  Whether I want to make it real or not, those concert moments in life are what keep me so intrigued in my faith because I can see all at once just how much he loves to see his precious daughter give him glory – and that is why I am so in love with my savior.  He gives me those moments when I least deserve them.  He makes me feel so loved when I haven’t earned anything, and it is in this moment when I can see just how much I am called to love him.  He wants to see good things out of me, and it is in the heart of these moments that I decide to let that side of me win.  We’re not perfect people, and these concert moments won’t change that; however, the moments do show us how unfailing God is.  I certainly love him.  In some ways, I don’t have the image to say that because I put his name to shame with all of my sins, sins I commit every day.  No matter how many times Satan tries to be my so called, “friend,” I learn to ignore it.  I get stronger every time the temptation shows up, and it’s all due to what I feel in the moments where He is the only one I see.  In just a moment, my life becomes so simple.  I’m not worried, sad, or mad but completely joyful.  My main goal with my time here is to make the concert moments my life, my reality.  There will always be bad happening in the world, but it is people like this – making their realities different – that end up making the most impactful change.  I want to be one of those people, and I know I can be because I’m in love with the savior who gave up his life for mine.  With the worth and power of Christ invested in me, I can be unstoppable for God’s glory.  There are times when we get lazy and resent to give him the time that he deserves.  With that, we start to feel really alone, no matter how many people are actually supporting us.  After the lonesome comes, we begin to forget our purpose and why we do the things we love.  God exists in the center of our lives and when we lose him, we lose everything else. 

Make him real; you’re the only one who can.