Sunday, November 11, 2012

Loving the Least

A barefoot child walks along the shore of what used to be his home.  His eyes are stained with profound images of love escaping his whole world.  Who knew that love could instantly be removed from life so easily?  The sparkle that every child's perception should have is gone from this boy's breath.  The answer that his question awaits lingers through his damaged mind.  "How long will it be before someone loves me again?"

His life has only begun, yet it feels that he has lived through enough to be infinite.  His dainty hands have so much responsibility for an impoverished adolescent.  He endures abandon over and over again with each day he is grateful enough to survive.  What if someone actually extended a helping hand?  Would he live longer if someone loved him enough to show him how to live, not just be alive?  He lacks confidence, and he is decaying from the outside in.  He craves love, but there isn't one who is courageous enough to be his helper.

Can we really just leave the innocent behind to grieve on their own?  They are on the run from life.  They are hopeless, yet their lives have only started.  I can feel their hearts beat in rhythm with my own.  No matter how much is hidden, every child has a dream to belong and be loved.  I know that God has a plan for these kids, but I can't help from thinking that I am a part to this plan.  I look around me everyday.  Do you know what I find?  I find people who are fortunate enough to own glimmering hearts that recognize love, that recognize Jesus, that recognize grace.  I am blind, yet I ask that He would open my eyes to a whole other way of living.  I couldn't ask enough for Him to help me see into the world of these kids.  Their realities are so far from mine that I forget they even exist.  Right now, open my eyes...despite my blindness.

These are meager lives that suffer from constant shortages.  Who should have to struggle to find their next meal?  Who should have to fight to receive love?  Who should have to compete for belonging?  No one should have to brave these things, especially not alone.  Boys and girls can feel like kings and queens when we reach out with enough heart to love the least of these.  

Sometimes it is good for us to have broken hearts, for it reminds us of how much we still have in spite of our brokenness.  I often need reminding that I was once a child in need of a friend.  These lost lives are real, yet the world has somehow forgotten them.  These kids keep waiting for a door to open, but they keep running out of hope because they have been misguided so often.  This is the chance for us to be the hands and feet of God!  Let's do it!  Let's make a change in a child's life.  Every one of us is a wave in an ocean of a world.  All we need to do is create more waves.  

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