Thursday, August 30, 2012


        She thinks she is on the right path, but she isn’t.  Full speed, she dashes ahead, eager to see the future.  She is trying so hard to recognize this love that she has always looked for, but the struggles keep getting wider, deeper, and stronger.  The cut is deep into her heart, and she looks for understand, only to find an adventure that lacks a purpose.  She is growing up without even realizing it, staying hidden and missing every blessing.  Among a sea of lonely people, she stands alone crying with everything she has ever felt.  She longs for affection but cannot find the perfect hero to ride in and fulfill her dreams.  Right there in that moment, her Prince Charming knocks on the door of her heart.  It is as if a stamp is dipped in ink and marked upon her.  At that simple second in time, she felt loved for the first time in a while.  Why couldn't anybody hear her before?
        She still yearns for a home and seeks the hope in which gives her faith identity.  She is searching for this hero still, even though she has found her Prince.  Momentary happiness strikes gold on her heart, yet she has no idea how to maintain a life full of love.  She wonders how everyone else gets along in this hard life.  Thoughts cross her mind.  She knows that other people are seen, but why is she so hidden?  Everyone glances at her and judgment is written upon her soul.  Does anyone know how weak she really is?  Why can’t she just believe?  why, why, why.

Just stop.  Look around you.  Who in your life is struggling?  Are they hiding it, or is it clear to see?  Did you ever think to help them? Are they looking for a savior?  Could that savior be you?  Look deeper.  That savior is Jesus.  They need a Jesus that you can help them find.  Life is too short to sit here and let everyone revere you for your great works.  We have done so little compared to what Jesus has done for us.  There is sooo much more to life than just waiting to be praised.  Just think of all the people you can impact.  Now go for it.  Don't hold back any longer.  Now is your time to shine for Jesus.  Let the world see his grace in you.  Don't be ashamed but proud to be marked upon by a savior who sings over you, who calls you His beloved child, who eagerly waits for you in the presence of heaven, who holds your right hand at the beginning and end of every hardship, who smiles at you from the majesty of the clouds.  Find those people who need a little extra love, and be the person to give it to them.  Don't only give them a little love, but tell them all of what your Jesus has done for them.  Tell them about mercy, grace, redemption, salvation.  Make it known.  Life is here to struggle, learn, and move on.  Be that person to inspire.  Be that person to make a difference....  and never forget to be the person who can bring a warm heart to an empty soul.