Friday, July 6, 2012

Knowing God's Love

        We may not be able to hear the remedy to our lost hearts, but we do have the promise that He won't let us fall. He might let us bend, but we won't break.  We are free to fall because we have a God full of grace...grace that is freely given, as long as we accept it.  Whenever we go through life's battles and feel like Christ has forsaken us, we just have to look at the nails that pierced His hands to know that we are not alone.
        I am blessed to know that I have a heavenly Father who is just waiting for me in a celestial place that is beyond what my brain can grasp.  God makes us into beautiful creatures of His love, and He transforms our souls to praise the reason in which we are alive...we are alive through HIM!  It is not possible for us to live this life alone, riding by luck and just isn't possible.  Through God, we live by faith, mercy, and peace, as we can experience being a part of a love so deep it conquers everything we fear.  I really am blessed to know Jesus because He has given me a whole new life, and there is only one way to know what this love really feels like...and that is by getting to know Him.  When you truly know who He is, it is impossible to ignore.  It is far too magical to miss, and it is far too irresistible to pass up.  This love of God honestly is the greatest thing I've ever felt.
I am blessed...with everything inside of me...blessed to know my God.

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