Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Are You Searching For?

Since the day I was born, I wasn’t searching for the right dream.  The dream at the center of my heart was designated to make me shine, but it kept slipping through my hands and out of my grip.  I tried to run away from my sins to keep focus on the light that could make me shine, but I eventually figured out that sin was inescapable without Jesus.  I was scratching through the surface of who my culture wanted me to be when I was supposed to be defining myself through Christ.  I wasn’t seeking the identity of who I could be with God.  I was too busy trying to figure out what dreams I could have where I would be the only one in the spotlight. 

Last summer, I finally started to break away from my culture’s identity definition to bloom towards who God wanted me to be.  I focused my dreams on glorifying God instead of myself and found more pleasure with each new day.  During that summer, not only did my dreams change, but my heart did too.  My testimony became a story to share with others, it became a journey into God’s hands, and it has also become my greatest story of salvation.  When I asked Jesus into my heart, I asked Him to undo what I had become so that I could define myself through His grace and mercies. 

I am no longer seen for who my culture begs me to be.
I am now seen through the eyes of Christ.


  1. That reminds me of a devo I just did the other day! It was talking about before Christ you look at yourself through a broken and cracked mirror, but when you let Jesus into your heart, HE repaires all of those cracks because you are seen IN GODS IMAGE. Pretty amazing, right? Great post. You are an amazing writer. Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Thanks, Ruthie! Hope I see you soon, too!

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    1. I followed your blog (you are a great writer, by the way) (: Thanks for following my blog! I would love for you to look at my Christian photography blog also, (page link is at the top)