Thursday, June 28, 2012

All HE Says I Am

I am all He says I am.
        I am everything He has made me to be, and I am going to places filled with His majesty.  I can't wait to discover who He has planned me to be.  I am new...through a God that I can't explain; however, I know that the best things in life are unable to be explained through human knowledge and words.  I know that a love so deep and wide can't even begin to be defined.  This love is unique because there is no one else who can love like He can.  There is no other relationship like this.  
        This relationship isn't just religion.  It isn't just a list of guidelines to keep us out of trouble.  It isn't just a belief.  My relationship with Jesus came upon me like falling in love.  I fell in love with my Savior, and I am still in love with who He is and what He does for me everyday.  I fell in love with the fact that He set me free from everything I feared.  He made me new because I can't live this life by myself.  I may not be accepted by people in this world, but I am accepted in the eyes of my heavenly Father.  He knows I'm not perfect and that I make mistakes, as forgiveness is the greatest gift He gives.  
        My true love is unlike anything or anyone else I know.  My true love comes from a place of heart where no human being can be described.  This love is too pure to be seen here on Earth because this world is a place filled with sins:  yes, these sins that have been defeated and destroyed by love, yet there is still no complete knowledge of how incredible this love really is.  This true love is too strong to be torn apart by evil.  Evil has been demolished, and Christ has won the battle of a lifetime...the battle of salvation.  

What is love?  What is "true love" even all about?  
If Christ isn't true love, then I surely can't explain what is!

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