Sunday, May 20, 2012


        We’re all lost.  We are looking for something to hold onto, as we just sit and watch the time, as it passes away with each day of our lives.  We don’t know what to do, so we lose ourselves in trying to find out who we are in time.  We look so hard in all of the wrong places to get even further away from the answer we see in our minds.  We have no translator of time to interpret the changes that the world cuts so deep into our hearts.  We don’t know if we will ever welcome ourselves to believe that the past was yet to be real, even though time had to come and wash it all away.  No matter how hard it is to trust that what’s good in the moment isn’t forever, we deceive ourselves into following the time as it rushes behind our identity.  We make the unimportant subjects our priorities as they seem most important through time, since they change ever so quickly.  
         However, while we search for who we are in time, we let go of the things that matter the most.  We let go of the things that will never be erased from memory and will forever hold a place in our hearts, while we chase after the false truths that we are misled into believing.  It hurts to see the changes that come with time, and we know that we can’t ever reverse what has happened, good or bad, positive or negative, for good or for worse, so we give up on finding ourselves in time.  The moment comes when we see ourselves in the lowest place we’ve ever experienced, crushed from discovering that time will stand up and fly while we haven’t gotten off of its wings to enjoy the surroundings that lasted no longer than a minute.  
        We think of life as this massive journey where we are carried on the wings of time, as it never stops to take in what this world has to offer.  It’s a journey that never hesitates to move forward, even without our approval.  It’s a journey that never stands still, never stops for anyone because it is a journey of time in which time never stops.  This journey is not ours to travel; it is the journey of time that we are forced into unraveling.  We all are challenged to find out our full potential, to discover where our puzzle piece fits into the puzzle.  We want to see where we fit in as individuals, yet we don’t have the picture on the box to put the puzzle together; therefore, the journey becomes harder.  
        We are walking blind footsteps and trusting that they will bring us to where we need to be.  We are all lost in blind steps, reaching for something that isn’t real, creating a journey that isn’t meant for us; we are lost because we try to define “time.”  We don’t know how to live with it, but we surely can’t live without it.  It cannot be defined, as it is mysteriously created.  As we know of the loss that time brings us, we cannot uncover why it is here.  
        Why, the three letter question that goes far beyond its meaning, tricks us into searching for nothing at all.  We ask ourselves “why” when there is nothing to unravel, and we let ourselves down because we uncover nothing, and it all starts due to time.  The time is rushing us into being thankful for every moment we live because we know that they most definitely won’t last forever; they are the moments that become so dear to our hearts, yet are only relived as memories.  We want to revisit the days and reminisce on the experiences where we were at our highest, yet time interrupted our dreams.
        We can’t limit ourselves to the boundaries of time because we will wake up and discover that time has flown away without us.  Live in the moment, and never be afraid to slow down your sailing and enjoy time, for no matter how much it complicates our lives, it is the very reason that we improve, gain memories, and move on to better days.

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