Friday, May 4, 2012

Sailing On A Ship

There are so many voices that fade with the wind of the crowd.  I don’t know which voice to listen to and which one to trust.  The voices call me further and further to the inside.  There is only one that leads me deeper into Your love.  Your voice sounds like sweet bells that never fade with the wind, a voice that never blends in fear of being unique, in fear of being simply different.  From the darkest of all places, the sun starts peeking from the clouds in awe of the amazing creation that You have shaped.  Your love is marked on my heart.  My wings are filled with Your grace.  You guide me by the light of Your creation, and I continue to sail on a ship that You created personally for my journey.  I wrestle with all of the struggles that everyone has to deal with, but I have a secret weapon…love.  I leave all of the problems behind so that I can reach for more than I even knew I was capable of.  I am sailing to a golden gate where all fades away.  The skies fade away along with all of my problems.  I am tossed around beneath the shore of all of my deepest fears, yet You still hear me singing of Your grace in my dark hours.  With every challenge I face, I find a greater crave for the hope that pulls me even deeper into Your heart.  I am still sailing on this ship that guides me to everlasting life.  I still struggle with all of the problems, but I don’t give up because I keep my mind on the golden gate at the end of the tunnel.  It’s meant for life, this journey, and I do have trouble persevering to life.  The sun is rising to a brighter day, escaping from clouds, reaching for more.  I keep sailing above the sun and below the waves, yet I still meet somewhere in the middle of it all.  If I aim my goals to higher ground, then I should achieve what I dream of achieving.  My ship is going to high places of Your majesty.

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