Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Race

My Race

This is my race.
It is more than waiting for something to spark motivation.
It is more than completing a marathon in first place.
It is more than the color of my skin or the languages I speak.
It is not just expecting steps to make a path so I get credit.
It is a future being built.
It is building a purposeful perspective to glorify the Lord.
It is the reason for my life, my breath, my actions, my words.
This is my choice and it is my race to complete.
I am ready to terminate the fear that I will never make a difference.
It has rubbed against me for too long.
 I have decided that I can be a change in this world.
I have to adjust my mind to a place where I believe in myself.
Getting rid of the old ways where I had no confidence.
I am evaluating my calling to better understand the purpose of this life.
I have decided to branch out away from the group in order to find out who I really am in Christ.
I am made for more than sticking to normality, Facebook statuses, and Twitter updates.
This is my real life, my race.
This will help me realize that all of Him is what brings out the best in me.
I can take this fact, what I have learned from my journey so far, and share it for others to discover, too.
I am glad that losing myself, my meaning, is over.
I have been dreaming and waiting for too long; I am ready to do.
There are too many people waiting and dreaming about the right moment, time, place, feelings.
That might not ever come.
I am ready to do what this race requires me to do.
I am ready to spread this love so deep that keeps me wanting more.
He gave his life to keep us breathing, His book to keep us believing, to long for more of Him to be seen in me.
Longing to see more of Him in others.
I am ready.
This is my race.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is not our home.  
We belong to a place that is even more amazing than the creations here on Earth.  
This place called heaven is not only our home, but our everlasting future.  
Glory be to Jesus and Him alone because He has uncovered us from our pain and given us a new name.  
We no longer hide in fear but stand up because we know that there is a spot reserved for us in heaven.
  That futuristic moment when we walk through the gates of gold, and our eyes are amazed in the moment when we see Jesus for the first time...the moment where there is nothing better.  
Salvation brings you this. 
 Mercy, love, grace, forgiveness, happiness, could you walk away from that?  
I have been on the other side of all six of these characteristics, and God's view takes a different turn than mine ever will.  
A place to call home, even when we feel like we belong nowhere.  
Heaven is a place that we dream about and long to arrive to..but that day is not far off.  
A place of safety, a place of love, a place of grace, and a place of freedom from all sin.  
Heaven. is. my. home.  
Let it be yours.
Walk away from the pain in this world for a brief moment, and ask God if you can join Him.
By his love, we are free.
So come along.
Join Jesus...and be free.
He loves you more than you will ever know.
He died to save your life.
He gave up everything for you.
He loves you.
If that's not love, then what is?
Love is not just an action.
It's an adjective.
It describes Jesus.
Pure love could only consider giving up His life for mine.
He loves me, and I can see that He is painting a picture within my life.
I can't see the outcome, but I know that I'm headed somewhere.
I can feel the potential inside of me because God is occupying all of my heart.
He is taking away all other options other than love.
He makes me free.
Free from the reality in the world.
He lets love become my reality.
Let love become your reality.
Don't get absorbed by the pain of the world.
Love can be your reality if you let Him in.
Honestly, salvation is the best decision I have ever made and will be the most important decision I will ever have to make.
My past doesn't matter...the sins are washed clean.
I can come as I am to this wonderful Creator, and
Come to heaven and find PEACE.
This is not fake.
This is not a fairytale.
This is not a joke.
This is not a lie.
at last
You can come as you are.
in heaven