Saturday, March 10, 2012


Tears pour down a lost face as a heart cries out for someone to hear.  No one answers, and the feeling of helplessness re-arrives to her heart.  She often asks why she was given this life to handle alone.  She asks why no one ever cares.  Sitting on the floor, lost in her sorrow, she cried out to the Lord for help.  The voice made a clear response and just like that, she knew who had been there all along.  She felt lost in a sea of fire with only a small glass of water to extinguish the flames; that's what it was like before she knew God.  God brought her anger to make her realize what a wonderful listener she had from the beginning.  She longed for the day when safety would come.  She wanted His arms to shower her with love, something she never received.  She waited and waited for that day to come.  Her prayer was simply an act of hope. 
            What does it mean to be “safe” when the world is so far from perfect?  How can we even pretend to be safe when all around us are sins that tempt us to fear?  Safety is when Jesus makes His way to our hearts and captures our souls.  Safety is in Him.  He is saving a special spot for us in heaven.  He looks into every one of our lives and cures the empty spirit.  In the bible, Jesus says that he wants us to live for the time we are given here.  Live while we are here, but have the hope of heaven to hold onto.

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