Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Battle

I am fighting a battle between good and evil everyday, and it is absolutely pounding inside of my soul.  Life is made up of good and bad decisions, in which not all of my choices are good.  We as humans will never achieve perfection, but there will never be a reason not to try.  I always want to do everything right, but that is just not a realistic goal.  Even though I cannot accomplish perfection, I will not give up.  When I make bad decisions, I end up facing consequences in the long run, and the devil targets my heart, but I cannot let him win the battle.  I will not let him win.  I choose to be happy instead of dwelling on my sins because I know that God has already fought this battle and won.  Temptations appear, yet here we stand again being faced with decisions.  In the blink of an eye, the wrong decision is made, and we catch ourselves cleaning up the mess once again.  Although we know that our sins are already paid for, why can't we just sin all we want? Well, here is the answer:  we will never know a single human who risks all they have for us...not a single one would make such a promise to us as Jesus did.  Gratitude is all we owe to Him, and that is given by avoiding sin and spreading the light of God to others.  That is the best way to show Him our thankfulness:  share the light of His love because that is what we were made to do.  We are the light of this world, and not even darkness is powerful enough to extinguish it.

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