Friday, March 30, 2012

Overcome It!

        No matter how hard I try, I can't permanently get rid of fear.  I can only overcome it.  

I have tried to be normal and fit in with everyone else.  I have tried to be the shy, quiet girl who doesn't get in anyone's way because she is scared of the way people might look at her if she actually voiced her opinion.  I have tried to be the loud, obnoxious attention craved girl.  I have tried to be the gossip girl who only needs self esteem.  I have tried to be the depressed girl who wants sympathy.  I have also tried to be the name brand kind of girl who purchases new styles to fit in.  Through all of these personalities I have shifted through, I have found that none of them define who I am.  I have been all of these girls before.  These used to be my definitions: the girl in the corner who doesn't talk..the obnoxious, gossip girl...the rude, unfriendly snob...I have been all of those.  Out of all of the personalities above, the shyness is still a big part of who I am, but it is not the biggest part.  I have realized that, with God, hiding is impossible.  When your with God, His light shines through you whether you like it or not.  I found that being courageous and growing into my own personality has been the greatest journey I have ever been on and continues to be a wonderful mission, as it is not over.  I don't fit in with any of those personalities because I have a better place to be.  I fit in with God.  I am a God girl.

The God girl personality is a life full of grace.  The first part of this personality is realizing that no one is perfect and that God has enough mercy for you, too -no matter what your past looks like.  When you pledge yourself to God, you become a new person with a whole new personality.  A personality filled with God is irreplaceable.  I refuse to confine my light to myself because that would prevent me from sharing it with the world, changing lives, and watching God's miracles at work.  There is no point in hiding this light when it is who you are. Love is not a personality that comes easily; it comes with patience, and it comes with God.  Take this personality and spread it all over the world, for the best part of God's love is sharing it with others and watching it change their lives as it did yours. Britt Nicole might say, "Ready or not, here I come, I'm about to show you where the light comes from..oh oh..ready or not, here I come, this is who I am, I won't hide it."

Don't hide your light or back away in fear like I used to do, but become the light with everything you are, and embrace the fact that fear can be overcome.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Tears pour down a lost face as a heart cries out for someone to hear.  No one answers, and the feeling of helplessness re-arrives to her heart.  She often asks why she was given this life to handle alone.  She asks why no one ever cares.  Sitting on the floor, lost in her sorrow, she cried out to the Lord for help.  The voice made a clear response and just like that, she knew who had been there all along.  She felt lost in a sea of fire with only a small glass of water to extinguish the flames; that's what it was like before she knew God.  God brought her anger to make her realize what a wonderful listener she had from the beginning.  She longed for the day when safety would come.  She wanted His arms to shower her with love, something she never received.  She waited and waited for that day to come.  Her prayer was simply an act of hope. 
            What does it mean to be “safe” when the world is so far from perfect?  How can we even pretend to be safe when all around us are sins that tempt us to fear?  Safety is when Jesus makes His way to our hearts and captures our souls.  Safety is in Him.  He is saving a special spot for us in heaven.  He looks into every one of our lives and cures the empty spirit.  In the bible, Jesus says that he wants us to live for the time we are given here.  Live while we are here, but have the hope of heaven to hold onto.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Battle

I am fighting a battle between good and evil everyday, and it is absolutely pounding inside of my soul.  Life is made up of good and bad decisions, in which not all of my choices are good.  We as humans will never achieve perfection, but there will never be a reason not to try.  I always want to do everything right, but that is just not a realistic goal.  Even though I cannot accomplish perfection, I will not give up.  When I make bad decisions, I end up facing consequences in the long run, and the devil targets my heart, but I cannot let him win the battle.  I will not let him win.  I choose to be happy instead of dwelling on my sins because I know that God has already fought this battle and won.  Temptations appear, yet here we stand again being faced with decisions.  In the blink of an eye, the wrong decision is made, and we catch ourselves cleaning up the mess once again.  Although we know that our sins are already paid for, why can't we just sin all we want? Well, here is the answer:  we will never know a single human who risks all they have for us...not a single one would make such a promise to us as Jesus did.  Gratitude is all we owe to Him, and that is given by avoiding sin and spreading the light of God to others.  That is the best way to show Him our thankfulness:  share the light of His love because that is what we were made to do.  We are the light of this world, and not even darkness is powerful enough to extinguish it.