Friday, February 3, 2012


This is a poem written by one of my greatest role models:


I feel You.
Your presence sweeps through my veins,
Fills up my heart with warmth, knowing that someone truly loves me.
Life once dull, grey,
Now lively, full of color.

Holding your hand-
All I want to do.
Grasp onto You and never let go.
Lord, carry me on Your shoulders.

My faith falters,
You’re there, but where are You?
I’ve always heard You’ll never leave me,
But I want proof, I need Your face.

I reach out for Your hands to guide me,
I cry out for Your voice to tell me what to do,
I long for Your image to show me what I live for.
I am completely nostalgic for Your embrace.
But it’s impossible.
Believing must come without seeing,
Because I know
You are

Written by: Robin Cunningham

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