Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live Like That

We only have a small amount of time on this earth to show other people how much Jesus has done in our lives.  We have been given an abundant life to share with those who are missing the most important relationship of all - a relationship with Jesus.  We need to convince those who are hopeless that Jesus gives them hope, those who are weak that Jesus gives them strength, those who are alone that Jesus gives them comfort, and those who are depressed that Jesus gives them happiness.  Jesus is always enough.

I want to live through life being the example so that everything I say and do points to God.  I love to see the change that people experience through Jesus, yet there comes a time when we get to experience that change ourselves.  At that point, we are no longer observing the examples, but we become an example.  I want to show the world the love that He poured over my shoulders when He suffered on the cross to save me from my sins.  That is what I want to show the world.

People might think differently about you when they see the change that you went through.  They will respect you and look up to you because they know that you are clearly not the same.  So I challenge you to do this with me:  "Live Like That."  The Sidewalk Prophets have just released a new song called "Live Like That."  The song describes how important it is to live life as an example for Christ.  Through everything you say and do, acknowledge that the Lord made it possible.  Through not only your words, but through your actions, express how much we are loved by our savior.

The sooner we start to "live like that," the sooner we can become an example.  The best thing to be known for is love, and there is no better way to show love than to "live like that" and be an example to all of the people around us, no matter what.

The song "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets:

Friday, February 10, 2012

There is Hope

        There is a plan far greater than ours could ever be. God made us to be far more than we can even imagine ourselves. We all feel troubled from time to time, yet we all have hope through God and His plan. He won't forget what He has in store for us. We just have to wait and see what life brings us from His plans. No one knows more than He does; He knows everything, which concludes that He knows best. He is not finished with me...or you...or anyone. God has a life planned for each one of us...we just have to explore and find out our true purpose. There is hope that will come from sorrow, disappointment, and anger; He isn't finished with us. He is molding us into the person He wants us to be. We all wonder why we are given the troubles we face as we struggle with our fears, but all we can do is trust that He is not finished with His plan for us. He's up to something far greater than we could ever dream of. We have no idea of where our hearts will take us, but the best thing we can do is hold on to the journey and live it to the fullest. God has a plan, so let's trust Him and live life in the life for God because we know that He isn't finished with us.

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's Your love that we are searching for and no one else's.  God's love is enough, and it will always be there during the storms.  God's love will cure even the lonely hearts that seek a savior.  God's love is enough for me.  Even when I am broken and my heart feels like dust, lost with no direction, God's love still remains.  God's love will always remain.  

It is enough.  

Even when I tell myself that enough just isn't enough, I know that God's love is always all I need, but I can't convince myself of that conclusion, so Jesus steps in and steals my heart forever.  Because of His grace and mercy, God's love is enough for me.

Lyrics from David Crowder's song "Sometimes"


This is a poem written by one of my greatest role models:


I feel You.
Your presence sweeps through my veins,
Fills up my heart with warmth, knowing that someone truly loves me.
Life once dull, grey,
Now lively, full of color.

Holding your hand-
All I want to do.
Grasp onto You and never let go.
Lord, carry me on Your shoulders.

My faith falters,
You’re there, but where are You?
I’ve always heard You’ll never leave me,
But I want proof, I need Your face.

I reach out for Your hands to guide me,
I cry out for Your voice to tell me what to do,
I long for Your image to show me what I live for.
I am completely nostalgic for Your embrace.
But it’s impossible.
Believing must come without seeing,
Because I know
You are

Written by: Robin Cunningham