Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Knows Exactly Who I Am

    God knows who I am.  He knows everything about me.  He understands what I don't get myself.  He's always there during every step, but I don't know why I can't always be there for Him.  When I feel so lonely, He makes all my tears turn to dust.  When I don't know what my future holds, He reassures me that I'm not as lost as I thought, that I'm not as broken as I felt, that I'm not as bitter as I appear, and, most of all, he assures me that He is always in my heart.  

    When I don't know how to begin, He shows me paths that I could never figure out on my own.  He's given me a new life, He's taken away my doubts, He gave me a whole new meaning to myself.  He gets why I suffer but knows I can do better and encourages me to find another chapter in this life that we are given.  He tells me that I'm not as far away as I seem.  He shows me ways to be who I am without the fear of someone else to get in the way.  With Him in my life, I have seen what it means to have love and hope.  He gave me a life that I would have never known without Him.  If it weren't for Him, I would be lost, scared, and afraid of the future that lies ahead, but now that I'm saved, I know what it means to live life for someone else other than give back to Him.

    Without God, none of this could ever be real.  None of these things could ever be put into action if it weren't for Jesus dying on the cross for us.  Some of us just don't get the great measures of what He did.  He not only risked His life for us, but sacrificed all He had, to assure everyone that all who believed would live forever, in Him.  Because of God, we are free to be everything He has called us to be with a true heart, kind soul, and pleasurable moments to relive again and again.  He makes all of this possible, and without Him, we would be lost as so many people in this world are.  That is why we have to let our light shine before everyone and teach them what it means to have mercy and grace upon us.

    Through the grace of God, these things can be done.


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