Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Courageous: Make A Change

        I have asked God to show me, through His word, how to be the Christian that I need to be.  I believe that God desires for every Christian to courageously step up and do whatever it takes to serve our Lord; but  more than just being a Christian and knowing what it means, we need to walk with God through all of our life and be a visual example to those who haven't experienced Christianity at all.  God tells Christians to love all people and seek to tell them more about Him.  Christians should protect, reach out, and teach people about God to example all of His ways.  Christians should model how to walk with God, using integrity and respect.  Some people choose to mock faith or ignore it, but I can tell you as a Christian, that we are accountable to God for the position of influence He has given us.  You can't fall asleep at the job and wake up one day to find that the chances have already passed.
        The scariest position to be in is hearing these statements and agreeing with them, but having no motivation to actually live them out.  Instead, the inspiration that these people lack will sit and die away in darkness.  These people will live for themselves and waste the opportunities they get to really make a difference.  There are some, regardless of the mistakes they have made in the past, who will step up and take the call of leading the example for Christianity in itself.  When possible, Christians are called to love and mentor others who have no religion in their lives, but desperately need the care of an eternal Father.  Whoever is willing and courageous should step up and lead as well.  Christians don't slack off on the job; we are told to guide by God's grace, teach others to follow Christ, accept the responsibilities in life, break the destruction from the past generations, pray and bless others in any way we can, boldly pursue anything God calls us to do.

        I am a Christian, and I will do these things for God.  I have accepted these responsibilities and want the goodness of the Lord over the presence of my life as any good person does; but who can actually live this talk I brave enough to carry on these roles?  Where are the Christians that God has called to step up and lead the life planned out for them?  Where are the courageous Christians that this world lacks?  This generation can be different if we all step up and show others how important God is to all of us; let's change the minds of those who think they are right without God.  Let's make a difference.  Let's make a promise to inspire those around us by exampling all that Christ asks us to do.  If we can perform and act upon these simple scenarios, then God will show us the people that need impacting the most, and He will guide us to say the right words that speak to their hearts.

 "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)

**Brief parts of this paragraph are molded from the movie "Courageous":  this is a modified version of a speech presented in the film

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