Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Concert Moments

Never forget to remind yourself of the real reason you pursue your passion.  Oftentimes, I have to ask myself if I’m doing what I love to please God or to please others.  If my motivation for anything in life comes down to being better at something than someone else, then I’m doing it for all the wrong reasons.  I have to stay true to myself while I grow into the person God created me to be with all my hobbies, talents, and faults.  Never sacrifice the opportunities to serve Christ with your passion for a chance at being better than someone else.  The most important truth I remind myself is to stay true to me when doing what I love. 

When you pray and read scriptures, are you really trying to make it a part of your life, or are you just going through the motions?  Sometimes, we make ourselves try too hard to pray or read the bible that we forget we have fallen in love with our savior.  We cannot fall into this lonely pit of being just a good bible study girl.  We have to go beyond religion and truly desire a relationship with Christ. 

Most people know that I love to write.  Ever since I discovered my joy for writing, I have expected this grand piece of excellence to rise from my heart and perfectly explain my relationship with Christ, the top subject I love to write about.  I keep imagining that it will be an inspiring work of art:  a make-people-cry, make-people-want-to-change, and inspire-people kind of writing.  I’m so focused on studying and engraving my Christianity into my writing that there is no passion connecting it all together.  It has turned into a chore.  I’m waiting and waiting to escape this pit-stop on my journey as an author, but it feels as though I won’t ever see the ending.  Every time I sit down to write about absolutely anything, I fall in love with writing all over again and am reminded why God has given me the gift of words.  Even though I have not created this magical piece of writing does not mean I never will.  I have faith.  I can pray all I want to and read all the scriptures I want, but if I don’t have hope and faith, then I won’t ever learn to be at ease with hiking my mountains. 

I need to stop trying so hard to make everything perfect so that I can let my feelings be real.  As soon as I come to face my problems and accept them as a part of me, failures and success in all, then my relationship with Christ will become even more real to me than my depth of thinking.  It’s like a concert moment:  when you are standing in a sea full of people, but the only one who you see is God, as he’s reaching out to you and your hands are straight up high reaching for him.  It’s the moment when you can see what things in your life really matter – a moment that couldn’t be worth any words.  A concert moment is not only a moment, but it becomes a piece of my heart.  Whether I want to make it real or not, those concert moments in life are what keep me so intrigued in my faith because I can see all at once just how much he loves to see his precious daughter give him glory – and that is why I am so in love with my savior.  He gives me those moments when I least deserve them.  He makes me feel so loved when I haven’t earned anything, and it is in this moment when I can see just how much I am called to love him.  He wants to see good things out of me, and it is in the heart of these moments that I decide to let that side of me win.  We’re not perfect people, and these concert moments won’t change that; however, the moments do show us how unfailing God is.  I certainly love him.  In some ways, I don’t have the image to say that because I put his name to shame with all of my sins, sins I commit every day.  No matter how many times Satan tries to be my so called, “friend,” I learn to ignore it.  I get stronger every time the temptation shows up, and it’s all due to what I feel in the moments where He is the only one I see.  In just a moment, my life becomes so simple.  I’m not worried, sad, or mad but completely joyful.  My main goal with my time here is to make the concert moments my life, my reality.  There will always be bad happening in the world, but it is people like this – making their realities different – that end up making the most impactful change.  I want to be one of those people, and I know I can be because I’m in love with the savior who gave up his life for mine.  With the worth and power of Christ invested in me, I can be unstoppable for God’s glory.  There are times when we get lazy and resent to give him the time that he deserves.  With that, we start to feel really alone, no matter how many people are actually supporting us.  After the lonesome comes, we begin to forget our purpose and why we do the things we love.  God exists in the center of our lives and when we lose him, we lose everything else. 

Make him real; you’re the only one who can.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Loving the Least

A barefoot child walks along the shore of what used to be his home.  His eyes are stained with profound images of love escaping his whole world.  Who knew that love could instantly be removed from life so easily?  The sparkle that every child's perception should have is gone from this boy's breath.  The answer that his question awaits lingers through his damaged mind.  "How long will it be before someone loves me again?"

His life has only begun, yet it feels that he has lived through enough to be infinite.  His dainty hands have so much responsibility for an impoverished adolescent.  He endures abandon over and over again with each day he is grateful enough to survive.  What if someone actually extended a helping hand?  Would he live longer if someone loved him enough to show him how to live, not just be alive?  He lacks confidence, and he is decaying from the outside in.  He craves love, but there isn't one who is courageous enough to be his helper.

Can we really just leave the innocent behind to grieve on their own?  They are on the run from life.  They are hopeless, yet their lives have only started.  I can feel their hearts beat in rhythm with my own.  No matter how much is hidden, every child has a dream to belong and be loved.  I know that God has a plan for these kids, but I can't help from thinking that I am a part to this plan.  I look around me everyday.  Do you know what I find?  I find people who are fortunate enough to own glimmering hearts that recognize love, that recognize Jesus, that recognize grace.  I am blind, yet I ask that He would open my eyes to a whole other way of living.  I couldn't ask enough for Him to help me see into the world of these kids.  Their realities are so far from mine that I forget they even exist.  Right now, open my eyes...despite my blindness.

These are meager lives that suffer from constant shortages.  Who should have to struggle to find their next meal?  Who should have to fight to receive love?  Who should have to compete for belonging?  No one should have to brave these things, especially not alone.  Boys and girls can feel like kings and queens when we reach out with enough heart to love the least of these.  

Sometimes it is good for us to have broken hearts, for it reminds us of how much we still have in spite of our brokenness.  I often need reminding that I was once a child in need of a friend.  These lost lives are real, yet the world has somehow forgotten them.  These kids keep waiting for a door to open, but they keep running out of hope because they have been misguided so often.  This is the chance for us to be the hands and feet of God!  Let's do it!  Let's make a change in a child's life.  Every one of us is a wave in an ocean of a world.  All we need to do is create more waves.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sitting in the comfort of my kitchen, I wait for the moment in which I will need to dash to the tornado hiding spot.  At any second, a storm could come crashing into our house on our hill and wipe away everything I own.  There are five windows lined side by side on the far left side of the kitchen.  I can hear the force of branches and whatever else collide with the stillness of the windows.  I stare at the closed blinds inside the window frames and create an image inside my head.  I see the windows falling in with the blinds being swept away by the 80 mph winds.  I think that maybe it would be smart to head to the tornado hiding spot a little earlier than we plan, though I continue to sit firm where I am...waiting for something to happen.

Sitting on the kitchen couch, I listen to the faded sound of the weather channel on the television combined with the screech of the tornado siren outside.  I hear the voices of my family discussing safety procedures while exclaiming short prayers for our protection in between my dad's strong voice making keen weather predictions.  All throughout the interior and exterior noises, I cannot escape the whirlwind of the rushing rain outside.  No matter how hard I try, my ears focus in on the pitter patter of each rain drop on the deck beyond the kitchen door.  There is a clink hitting the window every few minutes, and it makes me rethink my decision to keep planted both nervously and comfortably on the kitchen couch.  The power flickers a couple of times, yet there is still no urgent weather threat near us.  So, we wait.

As I write this, I am still waiting.  Considering that I am reliving the procedure of a previous tornado, I wait eagerly for the tornadoes to finish their course.  At the same time, the nervous side of me waits for the storm to come and clear out everything I have to be thankful for; however, Jesus keeps whispering something to my heart.  He keeps saying that He is my shield, and I am in the hands of the creator of the universe.  I am being held in the hands of the one who created these storms in the first place.  My God will not let me down. Even if a storm were to wipe away everything I know of, I would still have a reason to be grateful.  I still have grace, and I still have the ability to serve for Christ.

It's reassuring.  It really is.  I'm truly thankful that I hear God during these moments of anxiety.  Waiting is a part to God's plan for us.  We are meant to experience the desires of patience through every segment of our lives.  Waiting is a way for God to show us his faithfulness.  We just need to trust that his faithfulness is true.  I'm glad that I can sit on this couch, in the middle of life's storm, and still be calm.  In the midst of the storm's danger, I have peace.  Is this even possible?  Of course...but only with the one who holds my heart.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Love

        I am ashamed at who I am for you in this world of wonder that is trying to give me an identity that doesn’t belong to me, yet I feel so blessed even through this confusion; therefore, I will strive to be a disciple who puts one foot after the other in great effort of making her father known in this life.  The faint lights that give the streets a glisten of perfection after a spring rain shower give me hope that heaven’s lights will shine with much more altitude for my soul.  These feet have been in an infinite number of places wearing a countless number of shoes, yet the identity of this depth is mutual through every unique step.

        I crave more of Him to be seen in me, as I see more of how His strength defines me.  Going from one side to the other, I ask myself if I believe in bridges.  I put one foot in front and step onto a bridge that seems to whisper to me with the cracks of each step.  It gives me an indescribable fear that pushes me to think farther than I want to.  All of the sudden, I imagine myself falling beneath this bridge with my heart still tethered to the rails.  I want to be a disciple, but it comes down to what I really can do for God.  If only I knew how to cross the bridge to get to the side of freedom; however, the one thing that my mind has yet to explain is that I am already free.
        The moonlight is a fierce reflection of the sharp, yet broken, whispers that my eyes send out to each detail of creation.  These broken whispers creep up my spine and sneak into my heart due to the glimpses of being unwanted.  I sometimes have to let go in order to find myself, for I know I am not defined by my flaws.  The bind of my hand intertwined with someone else’s gives me an unexplainable strength in my identity through Him.  Whether it is the na├»ve hand of my brother that has so much more to feel or the strong, courageous outline of my father’s solid fingers, I feel the love that is contained inside two of these different hands belonging to two different beings.  Trying to find a way, love seeks the unity of coming together in one God.  The only problem that lies within every idea is that we are weak to see that God has already made a way.  Always are we constantly trying to be something, to do something, to fight for something, yet we have already been set free, yet we fail to see it.

Jesus has already paid the fine that we did not have the ability to pay.      

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Old Me

        She was sure.  She knew without a doubt where she would be in the future.  Not only did she know that, but she knew exactly what it would take to get her there.  She had many dreams and many plans.  She was determined, and she had the drive.  She was not going to let anything stop her.  Life started coming faster with more responsibility, and she slowly started to forget her dreams.  The times of both tears and laughter came and went quickly, barely letting her stop to even think once about her dreams.  She started walking away from the dreams she once knew so well, as life changed and took her with it.  Walking away with joy and pain, she stands confused for the first time over the plans of her future.  Now, this fourteen-year-old girl, me, who has not a single clue about her future, misses her old self.  It’s so hard to say goodbye to a part of yourself.  You can’t live your life thinking that you won’t be changed by the experiences you face.  Life happens.  Yesterday is gone, and we have to keep moving on.  The page in my book keeps turning to a new chapter, and I can’t keep up with all of the things I see myself doing.

        I’m so thankful for that girl that was once a part of me, and I am blessed to have known her so well.  She will always be in my heart, and I will always remember what she taught me.  All of the good, bad, happy, and sad will be inside of me forever.  Never will I forget the times that this old self of mine shared with the new me.  I still don’t know where I want to be.  I don’t know how to work towards something I have yet to know about, but I know that there are open doors filled with opportunities ahead of me.  My question is if I have the ability and potential to grasp these opportunities and work for where I want to be, like I once did.

        I do know one thing.  I know that God has a bigger plan for me than I ever have and I ever will.  He can see it all at once right before His eyes of grace.  It is hard to say goodbye to something that means so much to you, but God has reasons for everything he does in our lives.  I will always remember.  I don’t think we are meant to forget the parts of us that bring us to where we are today.  Built with strength and dignity, I stand waiting for God to show me parts of His plan.  I am no longer afraid of the future; however, I am still confused.  All I need is the hope that God will bring me to what He put me here to do.  I trust Him.  He took away a part of my old self, replacing it with a stronger me.  He is powerful, and he can work wonders.           

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dead End Roads

It's a long, narrow road.  There aren't any turns except for short dead-end streets.  Continuing down the road, you find that it is another dead end.  As you turn around, your eyes seek for a way out but find there is no going back the way you came from.  The road is gone.  There is no going forward or going back.  You're stuck.  Lost, confused, stunned.  Where do you go when you can't see the end?  All you can think about is the dead end that leaves you standing in the same spot.

It isn't always a dead end like it appears to be.  People pass by and walk straight into light.  The light appears but then disappears as if it weren't ever there.  A new person walks by every few minutes, and they all walk in the same direction.  You wonder where they could be going.  You have lost all hope and fall to your knees.  A voice whispers, "Come home."  Your hearts beats faster and faster by the minute.  Where did the voice come from?  Mysteriously, you stand back up on your feet and feel as though you had wings.  Lifted into the air by your wings, you feel free for the first time.  The dead end escapes your mind, and all you can think about is spreading your wings to fly.

Head on the pillow and covers tucked up under your chin, you awaken from your dream.  Light shines from the window across the room and speaks to the depths of your heart.  Never before have you felt this much from life.  The One who holds all creation speaks life into your lost soul.  Getting out of bed, you walk over to the mirror and stare deep into the eyes that say much more than you've ever heard.  Taking it all in, another whisper shoots into your heart, "Come to me, beloved."  You are completely awake.  Eyes wide open, you search frantically around the room for a hidden voice.  Where is this coming from?  No longer is it a dream, but it is your reality.

God is real.  He speaks to you every single day.  The question is...are you listening?  Do you have your eyes open wide enough to see the miracles God puts in your day?  Do you have your ears tuned in enough to hear the words He says to you?  Do you?  God is not just a dream.  He is beyond that.  He is the I Am.

Dead ends aren't always dead ends when they take you somewhere you needed to be.  It is only in life's darkest moments when the light shines bright enough to get to your heart.  God speaks to us in many different ways.  Whether He speaks to us through the mountain peaks of His beautiful creation or in a dream that touches the bottom of our souls, He always has a way to reel us into what matters most.  We may be lost, but we don't live without being found.  You may be living, but are you really alive?  Are you living for the One who gave you life in the first place?

Dig deep.  Find what you are searching for.  We always have questions without answers, so it is time to uncover our lost truths.  What is it that we just can't see?  Open your eyes wider and tune in your ears so that you are ready for God to speak to you with answers that you haven't been able to hear before.    

Thursday, August 30, 2012


        She thinks she is on the right path, but she isn’t.  Full speed, she dashes ahead, eager to see the future.  She is trying so hard to recognize this love that she has always looked for, but the struggles keep getting wider, deeper, and stronger.  The cut is deep into her heart, and she looks for understand, only to find an adventure that lacks a purpose.  She is growing up without even realizing it, staying hidden and missing every blessing.  Among a sea of lonely people, she stands alone crying with everything she has ever felt.  She longs for affection but cannot find the perfect hero to ride in and fulfill her dreams.  Right there in that moment, her Prince Charming knocks on the door of her heart.  It is as if a stamp is dipped in ink and marked upon her.  At that simple second in time, she felt loved for the first time in a while.  Why couldn't anybody hear her before?
        She still yearns for a home and seeks the hope in which gives her faith identity.  She is searching for this hero still, even though she has found her Prince.  Momentary happiness strikes gold on her heart, yet she has no idea how to maintain a life full of love.  She wonders how everyone else gets along in this hard life.  Thoughts cross her mind.  She knows that other people are seen, but why is she so hidden?  Everyone glances at her and judgment is written upon her soul.  Does anyone know how weak she really is?  Why can’t she just believe?  why, why, why.

Just stop.  Look around you.  Who in your life is struggling?  Are they hiding it, or is it clear to see?  Did you ever think to help them? Are they looking for a savior?  Could that savior be you?  Look deeper.  That savior is Jesus.  They need a Jesus that you can help them find.  Life is too short to sit here and let everyone revere you for your great works.  We have done so little compared to what Jesus has done for us.  There is sooo much more to life than just waiting to be praised.  Just think of all the people you can impact.  Now go for it.  Don't hold back any longer.  Now is your time to shine for Jesus.  Let the world see his grace in you.  Don't be ashamed but proud to be marked upon by a savior who sings over you, who calls you His beloved child, who eagerly waits for you in the presence of heaven, who holds your right hand at the beginning and end of every hardship, who smiles at you from the majesty of the clouds.  Find those people who need a little extra love, and be the person to give it to them.  Don't only give them a little love, but tell them all of what your Jesus has done for them.  Tell them about mercy, grace, redemption, salvation.  Make it known.  Life is here to struggle, learn, and move on.  Be that person to inspire.  Be that person to make a difference....  and never forget to be the person who can bring a warm heart to an empty soul.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Worth More Than A Thousand Words

     Having a little brother has not only been a struggle but also a blessing.  He is teaching me how to be compassionate when it feels nearly impossible.  He is showing me what it means to love when in anger.  He is helping me not care about what others think.  Believe it or not, he is revealing to me more of my identity than anyone else is.  Sometimes I question why we argue so much when we would be so, so lost without each other to stand alongside us.  He is not only my little brother, but he is becoming more and more of a friend each day.  Yes, we do still fight a lot, but the motivation behind our bickering is that we are both too ashamed to give into the disguised, hidden sibling love we have for one another.  I really am blessed to be able to call this little kid my brother because he has so much to offer to the world, including his personality, humor, intelligence, athleticism, and his loyalty.  The one thing that I am mostly looking forward to about watching him grow up is that I get to see him grow closer and closer to the Jesus that has found me.  I get to watch him fall on his knees when he realizes that God is everything.  I cannot wait for the day when he shares with his family that he has not only given his heart to the Lord, but he finally surrendered into giving the Lord his life.  From his date of birth until now, I can see just how much I would never have been able to do without him.  I have looked through a countless number of baby pictures where my face is filled with pride and joy to be holding the brother in which would one day become my closest friend.  I can look at the pictures and find myself staring right into my own childhood eyes where I flashback to the times when I was my brother's age.  I can see just how innocent the world looked and the naive perspective that I sometimes want back.  Watching my brother grow up is going to be a roller coaster ride, but all I hope is that I will enjoy the ride and not take one second for granted because there will come a day when it will all be gone.
        Siblings truly do have a special part of our hearts reserved for them.  There is nothing and no one that can come between siblings who would give anything to protect one another.  Whether a boy, a girl, a younger sibling, or an older one, every sister and brother knows just what it feels like to be united with someone who is not exactly like them but close enough to be a best friend.  One of the greatest blessings that God gives me is the blessing of a sibling.  I have become so much of a stronger and all around better person because of my brother.  
        Austin, thank you for teaching me so much about life.  I would love for you to understand the measure to which I appreciate you; however, if there ever comes a day when you cannot remember just how much I love you, I pray that God would give you the guidance to bring you back to what started it all...the first words you said to me, the first time you addressed me as "Allie," the first time we laughed together, and the first time we argued.  I pray that God will help you remember that I love you more than I know to explain.  As I sit and write this to you, the tears in my eyes do not exist because of sadness.  These tears are there because I would never ever be able to live without you being able to look up to me, proud to call me your sister.  If you are reading this, I know that your ten-year-old-self may find this hard to wrap your fingers around, but I am so excited to be able to watch you grow up and discover more and more about this crazy beautiful life.

        As I watch you grow up, I pray so many things for you.  I pray that your love of life would help you turn problems into great joys.  I pray that you have big dreams set for yourself so that you can challenge yourself to be better than what you even imagine.  I hope that you are never ashamed of who you are but that you always feel fearlessly free to be you.  I pray that you would realize that happiness doesn't come from material objects but from things in life that you cannot even see, like love.  I wish for you to understand that joy comes from contentment, not in striving for what you do not have.  I pray that you will find the treasure that stays safe in your heart, the treasure by which you give and receive love.  I hope that you never feel alone and that you know that God's smile will light your way.  I pray that you will be confident about who you are, who others are, and who you are becoming.  I wish for you the strength to persevere through difficult trials and the hope to get you through anything.  I hope that you will do what is right, even when you stand alone.  I pray that you will see the sun when others see darkness and that you will see an opportunity when others see a challenge.  I pray with all my heart that you will trust in God's love to get you through this life.  I hope that you are not disturbed by the things you cannot do but that you will persevere with the things you can do, challenging yourself to accomplish the things you think you can't.  I pray that you hold onto the faith that keeps you in love, even when others have let go.  I wish for you that all of your mistakes could simply be life lessons in your journey to better days.  I pray that you value learning and education and that you have the desire to learn new things.  I pray that you never go a day without giving and forgiving.  I hope that you often remind yourself of what you want to get out of this life and where you want to go.  I pray that you dare to do things that no one thinks you can do.  I hope you know that all achievements take hard work and time, and when you do achieve a goal, I pray that you will be humble, teaching others to achieve what you have achieved yourself.  I pray that you always find the sunshine in what seems to be the worst of all your days.  I pray that you learn how to deal with change so that you are prepared for what the waves of the seas can do to your sail.  When your world feels like it's falling apart, I hope you can turn to your family, friends, and faith to hold it all together.  I hope that you take advantage of second chances and that you would clearly see the mercies and grace in which God gives you.  I ask that you not worry about being equal to everyone else, but I pray that you would see others better than yourself.  I hope you take time to dream big dreams so that you can see beyond the limits of your imagination.  I pray that you would look higher and higher to see life's endless possibilities.  I pray that you would take the story of your life, and write it well.  A quote from Lance Wubbles says, "Leave a legacy rich with integrity."  I pray that you will.  Lastly, I pray that you never forget your family because we will always be here for you, even when no one else is.  We will stay by your side and help you see what you are missing.  
        There is one quote from Winnie the Pooh that I would love to leave you all with today:  "If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus a day so I never have to live without you."  Do not take your sibling(s) for granted because there is nothing in the world that can replace them.  I challenge all of you with siblings to go and do one small act of kindness for each sibling you have.  Let them know how much you really do love and appreciate them, for whether you realize it or not, they are becoming more and more of a best friend as times go by.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Way

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me."  John 14:6

        I have always heard this verse repeated over and over again, yet I have just now come to the greatness of its meaning.  I sat down yesterday feeling lost and confused about my future and was thinking about this verse yet another time.  I thought about how much God had been putting this verse in my head lately, and I really did realize just how important it is in my life right now.

        Have you ever wondered which path you are supposed to take?  It is literally as if there are many different roads in front of you, but you are clueless of the right path to wander.  I'm sure we have all heard this symbolism used before, yet we still might not know the answers to our endless questions about our future.  I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I am older.  I don't know if I want to be a missionary, a writer, a public speaker, a lawyer, or maybe even a photographer.  I honestly cannot see myself in ten years with a job that I love.  I have absolutely no idea which way I am supposed to be ideas at all.  When I finally sat down and re translated this verse, I understood that there is no clear path set before me, not one that I can see.  There isn't going to be an obvious career path that I can see for my future; however, there is one God who does know my path.

        Jesus says HE is the way.  As long as I stay close to Him, I cannot be led in the wrong direction.  He is my guidance and my refuge.  It sounds so easy just to walk by His side for the rest of my life, so I won't ever try to achieve something that isn't for me.  It just sounds so easy.  I have been extremely busy lately and making time for Jesus has been quite a challenge.  It is impossible to walk with God without spending time with Him.  I don't know how to manage all events in my busy schedule, but I am determined to find a way to maintain the purpose in which I am given.

        No, I have no idea of what I want to be when I get older, but I know exactly the one who does.  I also know that He is not going to leave me alone.  He has a plan for me with a purpose to match.  I am blessed to be filled with the courage from knowing that He isn't finished with me.  All I am positively sure about my future at this point is that whatever I do, I want to do through the love He has for all of us.  I want to fulfill the purpose He has given me and make Him known throughout this world He has created.

        For now, I will continue to seek out my purpose through learning more about Him.  As I do this, He will help me uncover all of the answers I need access to.  I have no need to worry, for HE has it ALL under control!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Do You Know God is Real?

This world is amazing.  Look around you.  Who designed the world to be as perfect as it is?  The people of this world are far from perfect, but the physical structure of this world is simply outstanding.  Water:  colorless, odorless, without taste, and no living thing can survive without it.  Scientists can’t cause rain…so who controls it?  This complex design on Earth can only come from one being…God…all powerful and eternally extraordinary. 

Jesus tells us in the bible that He is one with His Father – God.  I forgot what verse this is, but it says, “I am the light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  Jesus never said, “Follow what I say and you will find truth.”  He always promised us Himself:  “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the father but through me.”  Since Jesus told us that He is one with His Father, God, then we can only come to God through Jesus.  In other words, we have to believe in Jesus in order to understand why God is real.

Jesus performed miracles that no one could even begin to explain.  He was, still is, and always will be so amazing.   He told people that if they didn’t believe in the words He told them, then they would have to believe through the miracles He performed.  Jesus makes it clear that He is aware of our self centeredness and shortcomings, yet He still deeply wants a relationship with each one of us.  It is so amazing that it is hard for me to explain.  My 13-year-old-brain is still trying to wrap its sense around it, but logic can’t explain how I feel about God.  I wouldn’t know what to do without Him…I honestly don’t.  We are sinners, and there is no doubt about it.  We sin everyday.  We are worthy of punishment because we do things that deserve great consequences.  Even though we are sinners, God views us differently and has created a specific plan for us all once we accept it through His merciful love. 

Jesus accepted the punishment for our sin on our behalf.  We deserve consequences for our ruthless actions, but God sees us through grace.  The bible says, “We love because He first loved us.”  He didn’t only love us, but He died for us.  Wow.  Jesus physically gave up His life for us so that we wouldn’t have to.  After Jesus died for our sins, He rose and created a home in heaven.  We are assured of this faithfulness:  “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”  That is who God is:  full of mercy, grace, love, understanding, and comfort.  He is 100% faithful…always reliable and dependable.  You may not be able to see Him, but I promise you that He is ALWAYS there.    

So…you tell me.  Does God exist?  If you really want to understand this from your heart, then you have to do the investigating.  Read the bible, pray to God, ask for forgiveness, and you will start to understand.  This is not something to be taken lightly. Don’t you get it?  He is waiting for you to pour out yourself to Him, asking for forgiveness.  The sooner you accept His love, the sooner He becomes real to you.  God does not force us to believe in Him, though He could.  Instead, He provides sufficient evidence that He is real, giving us the option to willingly respond to Him.
Jesus said, "Behold, I stand at the door of your heart and knock. He who hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him.”  Look at all of this evidence:  the unique design of water, the human brain, DNA, the gnawing in our hearts and minds to determine if God is there, the number of people who have dedicated their lives to Christ…it goes on and on.  The question is:  what is holding you back?  Do you believe?  All of the evidence is here.  Accept it.  Accept His love.  Grab it.  Don’t question it. 

A lot of us like to be in control.  We have to understand all of the reasons why before we can be calm about anything.  A relationship with Jesus works differently.  We don’t have to understand why about everything because Jesus has already defeated the many “why’s” we might come up with.  He understands us more than anyone else, as He placed every single piece of hair on our heads…He knows us more than anyone else does.  He is ready to help us overcome the fear within ourselves.  This is why I love Him so much.  He gives me life.  He died for me so that I can live.  He still loves me even though I turn against Him.  He never turns His back on me, and He will always listen to me…no matter what I have to say.  I am thankful that I know Him, as my life will forever be changed by Him. 

We all have great potential through the plans God has for us.  There is no such thing as a perfect person…not even close, but God sees us as HIS CHILDREN and loves us for who we are, including our flaws.  We are all beautifully and wonderfully made, and I believe that we all have a lot of opportunities to look forward to.

I hope this helps you understand who God is and what He means to me…what He could mean to you if you accept Him.  God will always care about you, and I just pray that everyone might someday understand how much better life is with God than it is without Him.  I hope you can see how much He loves you and me for who we are.  Come as you are, cry out to Him, and He will answer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Knowing God's Love

        We may not be able to hear the remedy to our lost hearts, but we do have the promise that He won't let us fall. He might let us bend, but we won't break.  We are free to fall because we have a God full of grace...grace that is freely given, as long as we accept it.  Whenever we go through life's battles and feel like Christ has forsaken us, we just have to look at the nails that pierced His hands to know that we are not alone.
        I am blessed to know that I have a heavenly Father who is just waiting for me in a celestial place that is beyond what my brain can grasp.  God makes us into beautiful creatures of His love, and He transforms our souls to praise the reason in which we are alive...we are alive through HIM!  It is not possible for us to live this life alone, riding by luck and just isn't possible.  Through God, we live by faith, mercy, and peace, as we can experience being a part of a love so deep it conquers everything we fear.  I really am blessed to know Jesus because He has given me a whole new life, and there is only one way to know what this love really feels like...and that is by getting to know Him.  When you truly know who He is, it is impossible to ignore.  It is far too magical to miss, and it is far too irresistible to pass up.  This love of God honestly is the greatest thing I've ever felt.
I am blessed...with everything inside of me...blessed to know my God.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Stop and Pray!

Today, Trey Erwin went to be with God.  He fought a long battle through pancreatic cancer while changing so many lives and inspiring so many people.  In a video that was posted before Trey's passing, he said, "I'm not inspiring anyone, I'm being used by God, and I just want all the glory to go to him and none, none, none to me."  We don't understand why God does the things He does...we don't have the human ability to understand, but we know that God performs His own miracles even when we can't see them.  Trey told the doctors that he would be happy whether he'd be here or in heaven.  Trey didn't want people to see the cancer in him as much as he wanted them to see his faith.  Trey has left the greatest legacy for so many people to be inspired by.  God used Trey in amazing ways, and God can use you just like He used Trey!   Trey's 16th birthday would have been on July 31st.  Right now, I ask that you stop and say a prayer for Trey's family.  His younger brother, Collin, had a close relationship with Trey, as they shared many laughs together.  There is no longer a need to pray for Trey, as he is dancing with God in heaven!  Pray for Trey's family, pray for his supporters, pray pray pray.  If you would like to make a donation to Trey's family, follow this link:


Thursday, June 28, 2012

All HE Says I Am

I am all He says I am.
        I am everything He has made me to be, and I am going to places filled with His majesty.  I can't wait to discover who He has planned me to be.  I am new...through a God that I can't explain; however, I know that the best things in life are unable to be explained through human knowledge and words.  I know that a love so deep and wide can't even begin to be defined.  This love is unique because there is no one else who can love like He can.  There is no other relationship like this.  
        This relationship isn't just religion.  It isn't just a list of guidelines to keep us out of trouble.  It isn't just a belief.  My relationship with Jesus came upon me like falling in love.  I fell in love with my Savior, and I am still in love with who He is and what He does for me everyday.  I fell in love with the fact that He set me free from everything I feared.  He made me new because I can't live this life by myself.  I may not be accepted by people in this world, but I am accepted in the eyes of my heavenly Father.  He knows I'm not perfect and that I make mistakes, as forgiveness is the greatest gift He gives.  
        My true love is unlike anything or anyone else I know.  My true love comes from a place of heart where no human being can be described.  This love is too pure to be seen here on Earth because this world is a place filled with sins:  yes, these sins that have been defeated and destroyed by love, yet there is still no complete knowledge of how incredible this love really is.  This true love is too strong to be torn apart by evil.  Evil has been demolished, and Christ has won the battle of a lifetime...the battle of salvation.  

What is love?  What is "true love" even all about?  
If Christ isn't true love, then I surely can't explain what is!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Are You Searching For?

Since the day I was born, I wasn’t searching for the right dream.  The dream at the center of my heart was designated to make me shine, but it kept slipping through my hands and out of my grip.  I tried to run away from my sins to keep focus on the light that could make me shine, but I eventually figured out that sin was inescapable without Jesus.  I was scratching through the surface of who my culture wanted me to be when I was supposed to be defining myself through Christ.  I wasn’t seeking the identity of who I could be with God.  I was too busy trying to figure out what dreams I could have where I would be the only one in the spotlight. 

Last summer, I finally started to break away from my culture’s identity definition to bloom towards who God wanted me to be.  I focused my dreams on glorifying God instead of myself and found more pleasure with each new day.  During that summer, not only did my dreams change, but my heart did too.  My testimony became a story to share with others, it became a journey into God’s hands, and it has also become my greatest story of salvation.  When I asked Jesus into my heart, I asked Him to undo what I had become so that I could define myself through His grace and mercies. 

I am no longer seen for who my culture begs me to be.
I am now seen through the eyes of Christ.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chasing Your Dreams

This world is full of hidden voices that distract me from discovering the dreams within my identity.  I believe in my dreams to keep me aiming toward the goals that I want to achieve.  Even when I temporarily become blinded from my dreams, I always have hope to hold onto within my heart.  Dreams are a part of creation that are meant to be taken seriously, as they can direct you to the future that you will someday have.  Only God knows where we will be in the future, but it is important to have goals to motivate yourself while getting there.

Personally, my dreams serve as the goals in which I strain to reach.  When you have a dream, you are devoted to an idea that has a special, personal meaning.  A dream is reached by taking action upon being the best you can be and working to accomplish the goals you have always dreamed about.  Dreams can cause confusion and struggle at times, but they provide the success in which we work hard for.

A dream is not only a goal but also a journey.  There is a path in which you must take in order to discover the success of a dream.  Along the way, things may get rough, but you should never forget to smile.  Nothing worth having comes easily, and the dreams that you desperately want to reach require hard work.  The best part about achieving a goal is knowing that the hard work paid off once you look back.  The best feeling is knowing that you worked hard to receive what you were rewarded.

Dreams are just the beginning.  Once you reach your dreams, they become your reality.  You finally get to live the life you have always imagined.  Dreams make your whole life brighter, as they make you feel accomplished.  The most amazing part about dreams is that they never end.  You can't control your fear, but you can control how you defeat fear.  In order to achieve a new dream, you have to do something you have never done before.  It may be scary or intimidating, but it is so worth it when you think of where your headed.  You have amazing potential if you train your mind to believe in yourself.  God will get you there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seen Through Christ

This says it all.
I want to shine like a light to God's story.
I want to show how easy it is to accept salvation.
I want to be an example...
shining for all to see.
I want everyone to see Christ in me.
I want to help everyone see God.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


        We’re all lost.  We are looking for something to hold onto, as we just sit and watch the time, as it passes away with each day of our lives.  We don’t know what to do, so we lose ourselves in trying to find out who we are in time.  We look so hard in all of the wrong places to get even further away from the answer we see in our minds.  We have no translator of time to interpret the changes that the world cuts so deep into our hearts.  We don’t know if we will ever welcome ourselves to believe that the past was yet to be real, even though time had to come and wash it all away.  No matter how hard it is to trust that what’s good in the moment isn’t forever, we deceive ourselves into following the time as it rushes behind our identity.  We make the unimportant subjects our priorities as they seem most important through time, since they change ever so quickly.  
         However, while we search for who we are in time, we let go of the things that matter the most.  We let go of the things that will never be erased from memory and will forever hold a place in our hearts, while we chase after the false truths that we are misled into believing.  It hurts to see the changes that come with time, and we know that we can’t ever reverse what has happened, good or bad, positive or negative, for good or for worse, so we give up on finding ourselves in time.  The moment comes when we see ourselves in the lowest place we’ve ever experienced, crushed from discovering that time will stand up and fly while we haven’t gotten off of its wings to enjoy the surroundings that lasted no longer than a minute.  
        We think of life as this massive journey where we are carried on the wings of time, as it never stops to take in what this world has to offer.  It’s a journey that never hesitates to move forward, even without our approval.  It’s a journey that never stands still, never stops for anyone because it is a journey of time in which time never stops.  This journey is not ours to travel; it is the journey of time that we are forced into unraveling.  We all are challenged to find out our full potential, to discover where our puzzle piece fits into the puzzle.  We want to see where we fit in as individuals, yet we don’t have the picture on the box to put the puzzle together; therefore, the journey becomes harder.  
        We are walking blind footsteps and trusting that they will bring us to where we need to be.  We are all lost in blind steps, reaching for something that isn’t real, creating a journey that isn’t meant for us; we are lost because we try to define “time.”  We don’t know how to live with it, but we surely can’t live without it.  It cannot be defined, as it is mysteriously created.  As we know of the loss that time brings us, we cannot uncover why it is here.  
        Why, the three letter question that goes far beyond its meaning, tricks us into searching for nothing at all.  We ask ourselves “why” when there is nothing to unravel, and we let ourselves down because we uncover nothing, and it all starts due to time.  The time is rushing us into being thankful for every moment we live because we know that they most definitely won’t last forever; they are the moments that become so dear to our hearts, yet are only relived as memories.  We want to revisit the days and reminisce on the experiences where we were at our highest, yet time interrupted our dreams.
        We can’t limit ourselves to the boundaries of time because we will wake up and discover that time has flown away without us.  Live in the moment, and never be afraid to slow down your sailing and enjoy time, for no matter how much it complicates our lives, it is the very reason that we improve, gain memories, and move on to better days.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sailing On A Ship

There are so many voices that fade with the wind of the crowd.  I don’t know which voice to listen to and which one to trust.  The voices call me further and further to the inside.  There is only one that leads me deeper into Your love.  Your voice sounds like sweet bells that never fade with the wind, a voice that never blends in fear of being unique, in fear of being simply different.  From the darkest of all places, the sun starts peeking from the clouds in awe of the amazing creation that You have shaped.  Your love is marked on my heart.  My wings are filled with Your grace.  You guide me by the light of Your creation, and I continue to sail on a ship that You created personally for my journey.  I wrestle with all of the struggles that everyone has to deal with, but I have a secret weapon…love.  I leave all of the problems behind so that I can reach for more than I even knew I was capable of.  I am sailing to a golden gate where all fades away.  The skies fade away along with all of my problems.  I am tossed around beneath the shore of all of my deepest fears, yet You still hear me singing of Your grace in my dark hours.  With every challenge I face, I find a greater crave for the hope that pulls me even deeper into Your heart.  I am still sailing on this ship that guides me to everlasting life.  I still struggle with all of the problems, but I don’t give up because I keep my mind on the golden gate at the end of the tunnel.  It’s meant for life, this journey, and I do have trouble persevering to life.  The sun is rising to a brighter day, escaping from clouds, reaching for more.  I keep sailing above the sun and below the waves, yet I still meet somewhere in the middle of it all.  If I aim my goals to higher ground, then I should achieve what I dream of achieving.  My ship is going to high places of Your majesty.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Race

My Race

This is my race.
It is more than waiting for something to spark motivation.
It is more than completing a marathon in first place.
It is more than the color of my skin or the languages I speak.
It is not just expecting steps to make a path so I get credit.
It is a future being built.
It is building a purposeful perspective to glorify the Lord.
It is the reason for my life, my breath, my actions, my words.
This is my choice and it is my race to complete.
I am ready to terminate the fear that I will never make a difference.
It has rubbed against me for too long.
 I have decided that I can be a change in this world.
I have to adjust my mind to a place where I believe in myself.
Getting rid of the old ways where I had no confidence.
I am evaluating my calling to better understand the purpose of this life.
I have decided to branch out away from the group in order to find out who I really am in Christ.
I am made for more than sticking to normality, Facebook statuses, and Twitter updates.
This is my real life, my race.
This will help me realize that all of Him is what brings out the best in me.
I can take this fact, what I have learned from my journey so far, and share it for others to discover, too.
I am glad that losing myself, my meaning, is over.
I have been dreaming and waiting for too long; I am ready to do.
There are too many people waiting and dreaming about the right moment, time, place, feelings.
That might not ever come.
I am ready to do what this race requires me to do.
I am ready to spread this love so deep that keeps me wanting more.
He gave his life to keep us breathing, His book to keep us believing, to long for more of Him to be seen in me.
Longing to see more of Him in others.
I am ready.
This is my race.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is not our home.  
We belong to a place that is even more amazing than the creations here on Earth.  
This place called heaven is not only our home, but our everlasting future.  
Glory be to Jesus and Him alone because He has uncovered us from our pain and given us a new name.  
We no longer hide in fear but stand up because we know that there is a spot reserved for us in heaven.
  That futuristic moment when we walk through the gates of gold, and our eyes are amazed in the moment when we see Jesus for the first time...the moment where there is nothing better.  
Salvation brings you this. 
 Mercy, love, grace, forgiveness, happiness, could you walk away from that?  
I have been on the other side of all six of these characteristics, and God's view takes a different turn than mine ever will.  
A place to call home, even when we feel like we belong nowhere.  
Heaven is a place that we dream about and long to arrive to..but that day is not far off.  
A place of safety, a place of love, a place of grace, and a place of freedom from all sin.  
Heaven. is. my. home.  
Let it be yours.
Walk away from the pain in this world for a brief moment, and ask God if you can join Him.
By his love, we are free.
So come along.
Join Jesus...and be free.
He loves you more than you will ever know.
He died to save your life.
He gave up everything for you.
He loves you.
If that's not love, then what is?
Love is not just an action.
It's an adjective.
It describes Jesus.
Pure love could only consider giving up His life for mine.
He loves me, and I can see that He is painting a picture within my life.
I can't see the outcome, but I know that I'm headed somewhere.
I can feel the potential inside of me because God is occupying all of my heart.
He is taking away all other options other than love.
He makes me free.
Free from the reality in the world.
He lets love become my reality.
Let love become your reality.
Don't get absorbed by the pain of the world.
Love can be your reality if you let Him in.
Honestly, salvation is the best decision I have ever made and will be the most important decision I will ever have to make.
My past doesn't matter...the sins are washed clean.
I can come as I am to this wonderful Creator, and
Come to heaven and find PEACE.
This is not fake.
This is not a fairytale.
This is not a joke.
This is not a lie.
at last
You can come as you are.
in heaven


Friday, March 30, 2012

Overcome It!

        No matter how hard I try, I can't permanently get rid of fear.  I can only overcome it.  

I have tried to be normal and fit in with everyone else.  I have tried to be the shy, quiet girl who doesn't get in anyone's way because she is scared of the way people might look at her if she actually voiced her opinion.  I have tried to be the loud, obnoxious attention craved girl.  I have tried to be the gossip girl who only needs self esteem.  I have tried to be the depressed girl who wants sympathy.  I have also tried to be the name brand kind of girl who purchases new styles to fit in.  Through all of these personalities I have shifted through, I have found that none of them define who I am.  I have been all of these girls before.  These used to be my definitions: the girl in the corner who doesn't talk..the obnoxious, gossip girl...the rude, unfriendly snob...I have been all of those.  Out of all of the personalities above, the shyness is still a big part of who I am, but it is not the biggest part.  I have realized that, with God, hiding is impossible.  When your with God, His light shines through you whether you like it or not.  I found that being courageous and growing into my own personality has been the greatest journey I have ever been on and continues to be a wonderful mission, as it is not over.  I don't fit in with any of those personalities because I have a better place to be.  I fit in with God.  I am a God girl.

The God girl personality is a life full of grace.  The first part of this personality is realizing that no one is perfect and that God has enough mercy for you, too -no matter what your past looks like.  When you pledge yourself to God, you become a new person with a whole new personality.  A personality filled with God is irreplaceable.  I refuse to confine my light to myself because that would prevent me from sharing it with the world, changing lives, and watching God's miracles at work.  There is no point in hiding this light when it is who you are. Love is not a personality that comes easily; it comes with patience, and it comes with God.  Take this personality and spread it all over the world, for the best part of God's love is sharing it with others and watching it change their lives as it did yours. Britt Nicole might say, "Ready or not, here I come, I'm about to show you where the light comes from..oh oh..ready or not, here I come, this is who I am, I won't hide it."

Don't hide your light or back away in fear like I used to do, but become the light with everything you are, and embrace the fact that fear can be overcome.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Tears pour down a lost face as a heart cries out for someone to hear.  No one answers, and the feeling of helplessness re-arrives to her heart.  She often asks why she was given this life to handle alone.  She asks why no one ever cares.  Sitting on the floor, lost in her sorrow, she cried out to the Lord for help.  The voice made a clear response and just like that, she knew who had been there all along.  She felt lost in a sea of fire with only a small glass of water to extinguish the flames; that's what it was like before she knew God.  God brought her anger to make her realize what a wonderful listener she had from the beginning.  She longed for the day when safety would come.  She wanted His arms to shower her with love, something she never received.  She waited and waited for that day to come.  Her prayer was simply an act of hope. 
            What does it mean to be “safe” when the world is so far from perfect?  How can we even pretend to be safe when all around us are sins that tempt us to fear?  Safety is when Jesus makes His way to our hearts and captures our souls.  Safety is in Him.  He is saving a special spot for us in heaven.  He looks into every one of our lives and cures the empty spirit.  In the bible, Jesus says that he wants us to live for the time we are given here.  Live while we are here, but have the hope of heaven to hold onto.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Battle

I am fighting a battle between good and evil everyday, and it is absolutely pounding inside of my soul.  Life is made up of good and bad decisions, in which not all of my choices are good.  We as humans will never achieve perfection, but there will never be a reason not to try.  I always want to do everything right, but that is just not a realistic goal.  Even though I cannot accomplish perfection, I will not give up.  When I make bad decisions, I end up facing consequences in the long run, and the devil targets my heart, but I cannot let him win the battle.  I will not let him win.  I choose to be happy instead of dwelling on my sins because I know that God has already fought this battle and won.  Temptations appear, yet here we stand again being faced with decisions.  In the blink of an eye, the wrong decision is made, and we catch ourselves cleaning up the mess once again.  Although we know that our sins are already paid for, why can't we just sin all we want? Well, here is the answer:  we will never know a single human who risks all they have for us...not a single one would make such a promise to us as Jesus did.  Gratitude is all we owe to Him, and that is given by avoiding sin and spreading the light of God to others.  That is the best way to show Him our thankfulness:  share the light of His love because that is what we were made to do.  We are the light of this world, and not even darkness is powerful enough to extinguish it.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live Like That

We only have a small amount of time on this earth to show other people how much Jesus has done in our lives.  We have been given an abundant life to share with those who are missing the most important relationship of all - a relationship with Jesus.  We need to convince those who are hopeless that Jesus gives them hope, those who are weak that Jesus gives them strength, those who are alone that Jesus gives them comfort, and those who are depressed that Jesus gives them happiness.  Jesus is always enough.

I want to live through life being the example so that everything I say and do points to God.  I love to see the change that people experience through Jesus, yet there comes a time when we get to experience that change ourselves.  At that point, we are no longer observing the examples, but we become an example.  I want to show the world the love that He poured over my shoulders when He suffered on the cross to save me from my sins.  That is what I want to show the world.

People might think differently about you when they see the change that you went through.  They will respect you and look up to you because they know that you are clearly not the same.  So I challenge you to do this with me:  "Live Like That."  The Sidewalk Prophets have just released a new song called "Live Like That."  The song describes how important it is to live life as an example for Christ.  Through everything you say and do, acknowledge that the Lord made it possible.  Through not only your words, but through your actions, express how much we are loved by our savior.

The sooner we start to "live like that," the sooner we can become an example.  The best thing to be known for is love, and there is no better way to show love than to "live like that" and be an example to all of the people around us, no matter what.

The song "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets:

Friday, February 10, 2012

There is Hope

        There is a plan far greater than ours could ever be. God made us to be far more than we can even imagine ourselves. We all feel troubled from time to time, yet we all have hope through God and His plan. He won't forget what He has in store for us. We just have to wait and see what life brings us from His plans. No one knows more than He does; He knows everything, which concludes that He knows best. He is not finished with me...or you...or anyone. God has a life planned for each one of us...we just have to explore and find out our true purpose. There is hope that will come from sorrow, disappointment, and anger; He isn't finished with us. He is molding us into the person He wants us to be. We all wonder why we are given the troubles we face as we struggle with our fears, but all we can do is trust that He is not finished with His plan for us. He's up to something far greater than we could ever dream of. We have no idea of where our hearts will take us, but the best thing we can do is hold on to the journey and live it to the fullest. God has a plan, so let's trust Him and live life in the life for God because we know that He isn't finished with us.

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's Your love that we are searching for and no one else's.  God's love is enough, and it will always be there during the storms.  God's love will cure even the lonely hearts that seek a savior.  God's love is enough for me.  Even when I am broken and my heart feels like dust, lost with no direction, God's love still remains.  God's love will always remain.  

It is enough.  

Even when I tell myself that enough just isn't enough, I know that God's love is always all I need, but I can't convince myself of that conclusion, so Jesus steps in and steals my heart forever.  Because of His grace and mercy, God's love is enough for me.

Lyrics from David Crowder's song "Sometimes"


This is a poem written by one of my greatest role models:


I feel You.
Your presence sweeps through my veins,
Fills up my heart with warmth, knowing that someone truly loves me.
Life once dull, grey,
Now lively, full of color.

Holding your hand-
All I want to do.
Grasp onto You and never let go.
Lord, carry me on Your shoulders.

My faith falters,
You’re there, but where are You?
I’ve always heard You’ll never leave me,
But I want proof, I need Your face.

I reach out for Your hands to guide me,
I cry out for Your voice to tell me what to do,
I long for Your image to show me what I live for.
I am completely nostalgic for Your embrace.
But it’s impossible.
Believing must come without seeing,
Because I know
You are

Written by: Robin Cunningham

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trusting in Him

        We are all given the strength to do far more than our abilities expose through the merciful grace of God.  When we put every ounce of our trust in Him, we are able to expand our knowledge and train our hearts to seek His love.  Sometimes, we lack understanding and crave reasons why, but the hardest thing to grasp is to stop and think that God doesn't let us fall hard on our faces without His help of getting back up.  When we stumble and trip over obstacles, God is always there to respond to our prayers.  When we seek Him instead of worry, He distributes comfort to assure us of our capabilities.  I'm sure we have all heard the saying, "One bad day does not mean you have a bad life."  God doesn't work that way.  He doesn't guilt us into learning a lesson.  He doesn't force us to do things that we know are wrong just to get inside our heads.  God lets us experience new, creative things and helps us grow in Him at the same time.  God won't ever lead us astray, but if we stray away from Him, than we may wake up one day to find our world completely turned around.  Only God knows what is best, so trusting in Him provides us with feelings that instantly convince our minds of His wonderful, saving, and powerful love.