Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Are Everything

God, You are my everything.  You are my hope when times are blue, You stabilize me to be brave, You lead me towards the right decision, and You watch over everything I do!  God, You are so much better than the most meaningful words can describe.  When everything seems to have died, You are still alive..You will always be alive.  You are still my heart in my darkest hour.  God, You are all I want, and, most certainly, all I need!  You have created me for who I am, and I still keep growing with Your love.  You gave hopeless a brand new meaning of courage when You died on the cross to save our sins.  You are...indescribable...because You are so amazing!



You mean so much to me.  I am so happy that You led me to You.  Although I do struggle in this relationship with You, I would be completely broken without it.  You will always be everything good to me.  No matter how many times I may get off track and lose sight of You, You always bring me back to what matters...You and Your unconditional love.  I love You, Lord!  I am so blessed to have a God as faithful as You in my life!  Please lead us to reach out in the community around us, no matter what the circumstances are.  Courage is in You, and You are always with us, so we are always able to have courage to do the unimaginable.

In Your love,


There are so many times that I forget to thank God for simply my faith.  Without my faith, I wouldn't be thanking God for anything.  God is everything, so don't forget to thank Him for always being there to catch you when you stumble.  Even though we may leave God, He has never left us.  He will always be everything we could ever imagine.  If you are searching, then turn around and discover that He has been there all along.

*Inspired by the song:  "Everything Good" by Ashes Remain

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