Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Similar Purpose

Everyday is given certain challenges that we must overcome.  Tasks are placed in our lives that seem challenging to us but easily fearful to others; meaning that we could see things one way as others might have a completely different view.  That is why being mindful of other people is a good quality to have.  Day by day you see people struggle, but do you ever stop to help them?  Even if they are complete strangers, helping other people is what God has called us to do in every moment of our lives.  Whether it is convenient for us or not, that is how service works.  Service is not when it fits into our lives but when it is crucially needed by other people.  We go through our lives mysteriously trying to figure out what our purpose is.  As we sometimes run into challenges that temporarily stop us, we learn to overcome them with the gifts we are given by God.  Certainly we as people cannon instantly foresee everything that is thrown at us, but we can seek the light that God puts in our path to overpower different struggles that may appear within our time frame.  All in all, the ways that we come to help other people are the ways other people think of us.  To put that in different terms, as much as you help other people, the more they are going to look up to you and count on you for various situations.  It is a wonderful thing that people can look up to you and understand the service you can provide.  More and more with all service hours you carry on, people are going to think of you as dependable and respectful.  Even though the mission for our lives is unique to us all, these service hours are something that remains similar in everyone's mission.  To carry out something from this summary, God created our missions differently according to who we are, but the service that is called upon by other people is something that is equally important to us all.

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