Sunday, December 11, 2011

Passing Judgement

Think before you look at someone and create a name for them.  Don't just look at their clothes, their smile, or their path, but look at their hearts, and see what is real.

Those who judge others are only making a name for themselves.

It doesn't matter that everyone is different: do you expect everyone to be the same?  There may be someone who is really hard to deal with, but that "someone" may be waiting for a person to deal with them.  They didn't become insecure on their own - someone created that title for them.  It isn't fair that people have the ability to look at someone by their outside appearance.  Although it does teach of God's unconditional love, it seems unjust to automatically jump to conclusions about a person.

 A true heart looks at a person through their success, not their imperfections.  We all make mistakes.  That is a fact.  If we all looked at each other by seeing only failures, then we would all have pain inside of us.  I am sure that we all know what it feels like to be judged, so why would we want to create those feelings for someone else?

Judgement is something that has always owned a heavy weight on my heart.  Ever since I became a believer, I have been very sentimental about judging people.  Once I was saved, I finally understood that God loves me for ME!  I couldn't imagine being on the other side of things...where no one accepted me.  Not only would it hurt the person being judged, but it would hurt me to know that I scarred them in a way that takes strength to forget.

A lot of times, judgement comes out of jealousy.  Those who are able to look away from judgement can move forward and gain strength.  Those who are stuck in the trap of judging people are standing in a pit of quicksand and are beginning to sink.  Most people grow envy of each other by things, success, or public feelings, such as happiness.   It doesn't matter if the person will never find out that you judged them; it matters that you did it to begin with.  If you are committed to prevent judgement, then you will most likely stay out of that trouble.

Don't pass matter what the circumstances are.  If God loves us so abundantly, then we must owe others nothing less.  Before you judge someone, put yourself in their life; then see how it would feel to be judged.

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