Thursday, December 29, 2011

God's Reassuring Word

      An amazing creator is the only explanation behind this wonderful world that we all have been blessed with.  All around me I experience changes that I am a part of; changes that not only change the world, but change me.  When I feel alone, the one and only God is there to pick me back up again.  There are definitely no orphans of God; there are, under every circumstance, no loners in God's eyes.  Even though I stray away from what matters most, God helps me reset my eyes to see the light that comes from Him, the light that gives us a new beginning, a new person within our hearts.  We take for granted what some people can't even come close to having.  We often pass by the opportunities we get to praise the Lord and share His word with others.  Through God, you could make a difference in someone else's life, so take every chance you get to share His message!

      There are so many things that a single person is faced with on a daily basis that they might find themselves questioning who to turn to.  That answer is an answer that gives reassurance to all; it provides love for everyone in discouragement.  Overall, that answer assembles a brave, inspiring person who ministers care to their fellow neighbors.  The answer of who to turn to in the midst of despair is God.  The awareness that God supplies us is unique to us all but similar in various ways.  He understands our every problem, every injury, and our every last word.  He builds up our hearts to an incredible since of love and care.  Again and again we seek the problem of holding on to things that won't matter in the future and don't even matter in the present time.  We can't see the big pictures that seem to exclaim that all we need is God.  All we have always needed is GOD.  All we will ever need, out of everyone, out of all times, through every accident is God.

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