Monday, October 3, 2011

A Heart of God

One day, a man was walking on the street with his two kids and a basket full of goods that he was fortunate enough to gather.  They were all wearing dirty clothes that hadn't been washed in days.  When the man stopped to sit under a bridge, his kids sat down looking so grateful to be alive.  As a large black van was rushing by, the children in the car quickly asked the mother why there were people sitting on the street.  The mother then replied, "Their father wasn't educated enough to maintain a job.  He is probably lazy too."  The children then stared in wonder of life at a different point of view.  As another car is passing by, a tan box car to be exact, a man of young age steps out of the car after it pulled over to a complete stop.  This man approaches the family of three sitting under the bridge and handed the father a one-hundred dollar bill.  The father of the two kids then said to this man, "I appreciate your concern, but I have all I need right here with me."  The man stares at him in complete awe.  Suddenly, with his nerves racing from thought to thought, he asks the father if he could pray with him.  The father then said, "I would like that a lot."  So the man from the tan box car begins his prayer with the father and children.  By the end of the prayer, all three members of the family were in tears that stretched from the corner of their eyes, all the way down to their chins.  All three had large tear stains on their faces.  That father still wonders why this is God's plan for them.  Also, that father has hope that there are greater things in his future.

             The moral of this story is to see that all hearts take a different perspective on life.  The hearts that contain Jesus are much more appreciative and content of the lives they have while lost hearts continue to wonder of the miracles that happen in this world.  The mother in the van was judgmental and unfair, but little did she know that the father sitting under that bridge was not only homeless as a single parent of two children, but he had cancer and wouldn't live for much longer as well.  Life is tough, and we are faced with situations that we would have never even dreamed about.  We have to keep our head up to avoid the devil with his deceitful ways of getting us into dark tunnels that can seem everlasting from finding light.  Don't be judgmental of people and their situations because you have never had the struggle of walking in their shoes.  Being homeless isn't a fairytale that reminds us of our great fortune, and it isn't a rumor passed around from different sides of the world.

                                                          Being homeless is a true story.