Monday, October 10, 2011


Don’t cry;
It will be alright.
Don’t lose hope;
There will soon be light.

Long for the days;
Where hurt is no more.
Pray to the one;
Who lets you soar.

On wings like eagles;
Rise high above.
Try not to get down;
Be filled with love.

  We all know what lonesome feels like.  Do we decide to engage in it, or can we be set free?  God will always love us, and there is nothing that he can't fulfill.  Sometimes, we seek love from someone other than God, and we catch ourselves in a pit.  It is so hard to trust someone with complete faith that they will respect your struggles and comfort you even when they find it difficult.  Each person comes with imperfections, and as a family of Christ, we should learn to accept all people along with those imperfections.  We often discover that no one is perfect, and each person has flaws of their own.  Do you know the feeling when you feel so connected to God?  That feeling is irreplaceable.  That feeling, for me, always comforts my soul and distracts me from the cold-hearted reality of the world.  When your faith starts to die down, ask God to replenish the missing piece.  Ask God to complete your spiritual needs.  If you ask, then your prayers shall be answered.  Don't wait for the light to come to you; go out and get it.  If you meet God, then God will meet you.  As Christians, we have to be careful not to insist that we know everything about life because we have God.  God knows everything, and we are His followers.

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