Thursday, October 27, 2011

Engage in Life

Have you ever decided to back away from something because you were afraid to fail?  I have done this too many times to count.  My simple solution is to take things head on in order to face your darkest fears, no matter how challenging it might be.  Life can be like a never-ending tunnel.  You don't know what lies ahead of you, but you do know where you are headed.  Basically, you don't know your life story until you have experienced it all; all we know, as Christians, is that we have a home waiting for us in HEAVEN!  Anyway, to back away from life is like hiding in a black hole that can take a while to replenish.  Yes, life is like a large mountain that will take our earthly lifespan to overcome.  When we get to heaven, all of this mountain is turned into a gold pathway to God.  That's what is so amazing about the obstacles of life.  If you never engage in life, then you will never accept the fact that there will be challenges that you will not be able to fully overcome.  Although, if we really and truly have God at the head of our lives, then God will allow you to overcome your fears.  Instead of backing away from the obstacles in your personal journey on this earth, charge them head on to engage in life to the fullest.

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