Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Beautiful Creation From God

             First of all, God has a purpose for us all.  He made you to be someone so, so special.  I know that there are times when we all run to something other than God.  We put our trust in something we shouldn’t to cover up our weakness.  When we feel pain, hurt, or worry, there is a possibility that we aren’t letting God be our guidance.  When you are lost in the middle of life, it seems like you will never find a way out.  We catch ourselves wondering if our lives will ever change.  It seems that so many things on this earth are lost and without hope, but you and me have hope.  This I know.  God allows great things to happen when we least expect them.  He makes beautiful things out of darkness.  God also creates works of art within all of our hearts.  All around us are signs of hope.  There are signs sent from God that continuously tell us to keep persevering.   We have to continue to keep our head up through good and bad.  Out of messed up choices and decisions, chaos arises, but God helps our lives get found again.  Once again, God makes beautiful creations out of us, just as we are.  We don’t have to change for God.  God is pleased with us without the disguise that we sometimes use to avoid problems that interfere with our regular routines of life.  That is what is so glorious about God’s love.   God has made me a new person.  He has showed me that life can be so great if you let it be.  I have found my savior.  God saved me.  He saves me every day from dumb temptations that I am lead to resist.  I am so happy now that God is in my life.  He isn’t just there on Sundays when I go to church, but every day.  When I seek him, he answers me.  When I need him, I can feel him.  Believing is trust without seeing.  You have to believe that God can really save you, and then he will.  He sure did save me from the struggles of the world and the struggles of life.  God is in me.  Let him come in you and allow you to see things more clearly.  Let him lead your life in everything that you do.  Anytime you feel sad or tempted to do something you shouldn’t, pull out this blog post and reread it.  Re-discover the light that comes from God’s wonderful love.  

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