Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life's Handicaps

Don't Be Ashamed!
Included in life are certain disadvantages to us all, whether a physical, mental, or circumstantial disadvantage, it is a disability or inability that complicates our lives.  It can be minor or major, temporary or permanent, biological or emotional.  Even though these handicaps make us at disadvantages to some things, it is all we question as to why we have them to begin with.  God wants us to appreciate our disabilities and seek the good from them.  Examples of positive outcomes from these unfortunate milestones are as follows.  Handicaps decrease your pride in moral achievement and gives us grace to be humble.  It increases your trust in higher spiritual things such as your relationship with God.  Lastly, it spreads God's power more clearly through you for people to see Him.  By handicaps I not only mean physically being disabled but more of the qualities resembling stop signs in life that possibly slow us down.  Think of it this way; God is too wise to make a mistake with our lives, and he has a purpose for us all!  The greater your disability, the greater is God's ability!  The more disabled you are, the closer you and God become through discovering a solution to your affliction.  The misery from your affliction can become your ministry.  Let EVERY disability in life be discovered in a new way to praise God and appreciate yourself for who you are!  With your friends, community, or whoever you find yourself with most, form an army of faith to strengthen the love of Christ in the people around you through the disabilities of yourself and others.  

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