Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give it to God and You Will Rise!

Has something ever bothered you so much that the solution was thought to be forever unknown?  Has something been lingering in your mind for days without a comforting answer to patch up the holes?  Well, what I say is:  give it to God!  Pray to our savior and hang your worries up on the cross to let God lead your mind, thoughts, and worries.  God has a place and time for everything.  Keep that in mind as you start to worry about something unnecessary.  He, who is in me, is greater than I will ever be; so I will rise! -Shawn McDonald.  Rise all your troubles to God and then, you will rise, too!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life's Handicaps

Don't Be Ashamed!
Included in life are certain disadvantages to us all, whether a physical, mental, or circumstantial disadvantage, it is a disability or inability that complicates our lives.  It can be minor or major, temporary or permanent, biological or emotional.  Even though these handicaps make us at disadvantages to some things, it is all we question as to why we have them to begin with.  God wants us to appreciate our disabilities and seek the good from them.  Examples of positive outcomes from these unfortunate milestones are as follows.  Handicaps decrease your pride in moral achievement and gives us grace to be humble.  It increases your trust in higher spiritual things such as your relationship with God.  Lastly, it spreads God's power more clearly through you for people to see Him.  By handicaps I not only mean physically being disabled but more of the qualities resembling stop signs in life that possibly slow us down.  Think of it this way; God is too wise to make a mistake with our lives, and he has a purpose for us all!  The greater your disability, the greater is God's ability!  The more disabled you are, the closer you and God become through discovering a solution to your affliction.  The misery from your affliction can become your ministry.  Let EVERY disability in life be discovered in a new way to praise God and appreciate yourself for who you are!  With your friends, community, or whoever you find yourself with most, form an army of faith to strengthen the love of Christ in the people around you through the disabilities of yourself and others.  

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Change is an element of life that we sometimes despise but have to live through.  Things all around us are changing; the leaves on trees changing color, flowers blooming and dying, new inventions being made, houses being built, and grass growing taller are a few examples of physical changes in the community.  Whether we like it or not, change is something that is always going to happen.  Change not only effects you, but other people as well.  Everyone's lives have different subjects of change.  In one life, they may be changing friends or changing schools.  In another, they could be changing houses or changing activities.  Change can be good or bad, exciting or boring, or just flat out difficult to deal with!  Have you ever felt like the world was spinning in circles all around you so you were missing all of the new, imaginative wonders of the world?  Have you ever missed something that was just bound to change?  In my life right now, there are too many changes to count.  My "family friend" Lisa has just discovered that she probably has stomach cancer.  Why did her perfectly healthy life have to go and change to something life threatening?  This change is something that tremendously occupies a weight on my heart.  I am also experiencing a change with my friends; some new friends and some old friends are involved with my friend group right now.  I miss my old friends so much; why did they have to change?  Most of all, the fact that I am thirteen now is really getting to me.  When people say, "Oh she is a teenager now, so don't expect her to take your advice."  Anything relating to that quote really cuts me to the core.  That sentence that people often say is not the slightest bit true!  Just because your thirteen has nothing to do with the rate that you are growing!  It really gets on my nerves!  Back to the point, it isn't only other things changing, but it most certainly is you too!  God puts troublesome changes in our lives so that we can see what miracles he can perform.  Not always are miracles provided, but that is the whole objective of this piece of writing.  Learning that God will protect us and give us hope through all changes is a lesson that is very special to grasp.  It won't always end in your favor, but going to God is something that will make your heart feel comforted.  All in all, run to God for changes that are harsh to handle.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What God Does For Us

Have you ever thought about the love from our savior and how powerful, passionate, and tremendously merciful it is for us?  I think about God's mercy and love all the time!  Although we don't deserve it, God forgives us of our sins.  Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are like red crimson, they shall become like wool."  This verse says in descriptive detail that God loves us through all of our flaws.  It may take some reading between the lines, but this verse does stand for God's mercy towards our mistakes.  Recently, I have been experiencing those close moments with God as if you were right in the palm of God's hands.  It is as if God is physically holding your hand, walking you down the road of life.  Even though we cannot physically feel God's hand upon ours, it is always there.  Tears have been appearing in my eyes to the miracles laid in the middle of my life.  God has done so much in my mission; take a minute to realize what blessings he has put in your mission.  I am sure you will find many, for God is the creator of all things and the reason we feel as if we were being risen among all evil.  All in all, God protects us and allows mercy to our sins; he blesses us and shows us incredible love; he saves us from temptations and does so much more.  Remember, God died for you so the least we can do for Him is to show others the love he shows to us.  Never hold a grudge with someone, it could lead to an everlasting mistake.  Get to know people...love them for who they are...not who a perfect person would be.  God is the only one that comes close to perfect...so don't expect others to live up to that name.