Friday, July 8, 2011

So Scared but So Blessed!

This past weekend was a wild one for my family.  As it was a holiday (4th of July), it was already hectic and busy at the lake we were spending our fourth of July at.  First off, my brother has just gotten braces and is struggling to talk, eat, etc..  So we were on the dock where all the boats are, and we were spending time with friends and family when my brother started choking on a chicken wing.  I quickly rushed over and yelled "Austin's choking!"  As fast as possible, my parents rushed over and performed the heimlich.  As that unfortunate event ends out, my brother is okay and is now being more cautious.  Then, my mom was sitting in a chair on the boat and starts to yawn.  All of the sudden, she feels a jaw pop out of place and it completely goes numb.  She knew it didn't feel right, so she walked over to my dad.  Right then and there, she fainted!  It took a minute for her to become conscious again but she finally did so.  Lastly, we were going down on the shore behind the house to pull up a raft out of the water (my mom, brother, and two dogs were with me).  We knew that there was a large German Shepard next door that had already attacked one of our dogs before.  My mom was watching us all, including the dogs, while my brother and I pranced down to the water to stretch our arms and get the raft from floating away.  As we almost fell in, my mom took her eyes off the dogs for a brief moment and started to watch my brother and I.  At that very moment, the German Shepard from next door comes over and starts eyeing my dogs.  I was already headed up the rock hill to the house when I looked down and saw the German Shepard.  I yelled to my mom and my brother, "Pick up the dogs NOW! Shatski (the German Shepard's name) is over here about to hurt the dogs!"  My mom picks up Butterscotch, one of my dogs, but leaves Snowflake down as she couldn't get both.  She still had to watch my brother and protect him so she was having a large amount of difficulty.  Shatski then aimed for my dogs neck and swung him in the air as if he were a chew toy.  There was nothing we could do but watch.  As from last time, I knew that Shatski was aiming to kill Snowflake, my dog.  As much as it hurt because of the rocks, I took off my shoes and started sprinting to the door where my dad was.  My dad rushed out the door when he saw me coming and started to look through the trees for the commotion.  My grandmother beat my dad to the scene and picked up Snowflake to keep him away from Shatski.  The owner of the dog came over and apologized for everything.  Snowflake had a large cut with deep teeth marks and gushing blood.  I couldn't bare to watch so I was in the house on my knees praying for peace and calmness.  Finally, my grandmother came and dropped the dog in the house so she could sort things out with Shatski's owner.  I took a big look at Snowflake and tears filled my eyes.  Was he going to be okay?  I just started asking God for healing and comfort through this.  Right now, my dog still has a cut but has medicine from the vet to keep him on track.  I am SO blessed that all of these events were in God's hands.  He kept us on track all the way through.  This showed me that God will keep us safe!  He protected us through the weekend with all the commotion that arose, and will always protect us until the end of time.  I am SOOOOO incredibly isn't even funny how thankful I am that my brother, mom, and dogs are okay!

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