Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Life Has In Store For Me...What God Has In Store For Me

Every person in the world is loved by God.  There is nothing we can do to make God not love us.  He accepts that we are sinners, and He died on the cross with nails in His hands and thorns forced into his head all for us.  As He could have called angels to help Him, He resisted because of the great love He has for us.  We all sin, and we are forgiven.  God is immense and is not like any human we know.  He is incredible, and so is His love.  I have a mission for my life that is very different from other twelve year old girls' plans for their lives.  My mission is to grow up, get married, have my own kids, get a job, and set up an organization for mission trips and community service. I know that it is a lot to think about and take on in one lifetime, but I believe that God will give me the chance if He thinks it is best.  I want to preach His word to children who don't get the opportunity or the chance to worship God.  With the talents God has given me, I certainly know that whatever I do, it will be all for Him, our almighty creator.  I want to impact children's lives who might not ever get the opportunity to know God.  I want to encourage and guide them while they start a relationship with Christ.  I want to teach them new things about God and what great love He gives to us, even when we mess up.  Lastly, I want to learn to love everyone for who they are, and I believe with those children's help and, of course, God's guidance, I can accomplish this, and I definitely will try with all my heart to overcome this task.  God's plan for me is different than what I think He has in store.  Obstacles do appear, but I have to get around them and let God lead my life without interruptions that the devil could throw at me.  You have to keep your eyes open to the unexpected as God knows everything that is going to happen in every single one of our lives.  As we are clueless, we continue to search for the journey and life that God wants us to fulfill, and that is just what I am trying to do.

                                         Where will your life lead?  Lead when you are called.

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  1. You are so right!! Love the adopt an orphan from China part!!! :)