Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some friends accept you for who you are, including your mistakes.  Other friends constantly remind you of what you have done wrong just to tear you down.  If I asked my friends what kind of friends they wanted to be, I am sure that every single one of them would say a supportive, caring, loving, role model who sets a great example for others.  Even though that is what we all want to be, we sometimes slack a little on our part.  God guides us along the way but we are here on this Earth, trying to make a difference, trying to stand out.  Although standing out isn't important, we want to be someone who is heard and who is known.  Sometimes, we lose focus on what really matters when all we care about is trying to be heard and trying to be known.  If you know a friend that has done something wrong, as hard as it may be, forgive them.  God forgave all of us, and it is much easier to forgive one friend.  Every time you are faced with a situation that might have a hard decision enclosed inside, ask yourself this simple question, "What would Jesus do?"  I ask myself that question quite frequently, and it helps me to do the right thing.  If you find yourself in a difficult position, try asking that question and watch how much more motivated you are to make the right decision because of what Jesus did for you.  So remember next time you are mad at someone, or just simply irritated, ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"

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