Sunday, May 15, 2011

Forgiveness to Your Friends

Forgiveness takes a lot.  I have learned that you have to be patient for forgiveness and earn your trust back when you have lost it.  Friendship is something not to take advantage of.  Friendship is special.  It is a bond with people who are so different but so similar to you.  Blessings are so wonderful.  I have been blessed with a wonderful life and I can't wait until I get to share it with our God in heaven.  To forgive someone is like making everything peaceful and whole.  It is like building up a strong, faithful tie that holds you and your friends together.  It is a tie of love that keeps you so strongly open to thoughts to share with special people...your friends.  They give you comfort that almost never fleets.  They give you...happiness.  Friends teach you to be yourself under all standards.  They teach you that it is okay to make mistakes because people will still love you for who you are.  All of these feelings give me a wonderful statement of reassurance that friends are special...something never to take advantage of or mislead.  Friends are unique and are always, no matter what, always there for you.  Friends  Even though you change, your friends will always be your friends.  You get in arguments but that teaches you independence until your friends understand that the fight wasn't intentional.  No matter what starts that fight, it is a sign that you are friends because strangers can't feel feelings so strong since those feelings come from friends and friends only.  Friends are everything in each others' lives...and literally everything.  You are absolutely broken and empty without them, and what fun is that?  It isn't fun because I have been there...and you feel lost and don't know where to go or what to do.  People exclude you, don't talk to you, and won't ever come to realize that they were once your friends.  God will always be our anytime we feel blue, just look towards Him!

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