Sunday, May 15, 2011

Forgiveness to Your Friends

Forgiveness takes a lot.  I have learned that you have to be patient for forgiveness and earn your trust back when you have lost it.  Friendship is something not to take advantage of.  Friendship is special.  It is a bond with people who are so different but so similar to you.  Blessings are so wonderful.  I have been blessed with a wonderful life and I can't wait until I get to share it with our God in heaven.  To forgive someone is like making everything peaceful and whole.  It is like building up a strong, faithful tie that holds you and your friends together.  It is a tie of love that keeps you so strongly open to thoughts to share with special people...your friends.  They give you comfort that almost never fleets.  They give you...happiness.  Friends teach you to be yourself under all standards.  They teach you that it is okay to make mistakes because people will still love you for who you are.  All of these feelings give me a wonderful statement of reassurance that friends are special...something never to take advantage of or mislead.  Friends are unique and are always, no matter what, always there for you.  Friends  Even though you change, your friends will always be your friends.  You get in arguments but that teaches you independence until your friends understand that the fight wasn't intentional.  No matter what starts that fight, it is a sign that you are friends because strangers can't feel feelings so strong since those feelings come from friends and friends only.  Friends are everything in each others' lives...and literally everything.  You are absolutely broken and empty without them, and what fun is that?  It isn't fun because I have been there...and you feel lost and don't know where to go or what to do.  People exclude you, don't talk to you, and won't ever come to realize that they were once your friends.  God will always be our anytime we feel blue, just look towards Him!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Some friends accept you for who you are, including your mistakes.  Other friends constantly remind you of what you have done wrong just to tear you down.  If I asked my friends what kind of friends they wanted to be, I am sure that every single one of them would say a supportive, caring, loving, role model who sets a great example for others.  Even though that is what we all want to be, we sometimes slack a little on our part.  God guides us along the way but we are here on this Earth, trying to make a difference, trying to stand out.  Although standing out isn't important, we want to be someone who is heard and who is known.  Sometimes, we lose focus on what really matters when all we care about is trying to be heard and trying to be known.  If you know a friend that has done something wrong, as hard as it may be, forgive them.  God forgave all of us, and it is much easier to forgive one friend.  Every time you are faced with a situation that might have a hard decision enclosed inside, ask yourself this simple question, "What would Jesus do?"  I ask myself that question quite frequently, and it helps me to do the right thing.  If you find yourself in a difficult position, try asking that question and watch how much more motivated you are to make the right decision because of what Jesus did for you.  So remember next time you are mad at someone, or just simply irritated, ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"

My Missions Poem

My Mission

My mission is a mission that is worth taking;
Hearts will change all in the making.

My mission is for people who don’t know God;
It’s for people who smile but cluelessly nod.

They don’t know what the Lord does;
Or who he is or even was.

God changes hearts just like I want to do;
If that gives you the slightest itsy bitsy clue.

My mission is going on trips to change lives;
An ideal leader who continually strives.

She wants to be known and also heard;
This leader wants to teach God’s word.

She is an example to everyone she meets;
The way she talks and even greets.

No matter what she goes through, she has a smile;
She keeps it on her face for the longest while.

I want to be this leader more than anything in the world;
If I can accomplish that my heart will have twirled.

So that is my mission to change a person’s heart;
One of these days I’ll get my chance to start.

If so many people had this mission;
The world would be in the best condition.

This is only my mission for there are many more;
You should break down yours right to its core.

Find out who you are or who you want to be;
Open up your heart so you can be free.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


In life, there is a mission that is special to each person.  God has given us talents to use to the best of our ability when it comes to serving others.  I want to use my talents to praise the Lord and teach many people about his encouraging word.  This is why I want to go on a mission trip.  I want to spread that encouraging word to people who don't have the chance to hear it everyday.  I want to give people a feeling of comfort and love that might be hard for them to find.  One day, I want to be a leader of Christ who starts an organization for mission trips and helps people from other countries find the path that Jesus wants them to take.  I have been praying to God that He will help me with this difficult journey, but with His help and support, I know that I will get there.